My Halloween Inspiration

Why on Earth did I have to make a challenge involving inspiration! I find so many things have influenced me over the years, it is hard to really know where things come from, and so few people tell me what I write reminds them of something else. That can be nice and scary at the same time.

For me, defining what is a Halloween themed or season movie is difficult as not all horror movies are Halloween, and not all Halloween movies are horror. So I had to look deep and consider all the movies and tv movies or specials that I have loved over the years to see which inspired me the most.

So….after much deliberation, I selected something that I looked forward to watching for many years and still watch every October. Here are some hints:

  • Originally aired in 1982 on US television
  • Aired in 1983 under a slightly different title
  • Continued airing every October until the mid-90s
  • It is an anthology
  • It includes music, movies, and cartoons
  • Family friendly
  • Has never been released on DVD


I will post my inspiration in the comments tomorrow, unless someone guesses it today.


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