Ten Favorite Characters in Horror, pt. 1

I need to start of by saying that horror, as a genre and in my opinion, has spread so much into other genres that it has almost been absorbed into a shadow of its former self. According to literaryterms.net,

In literature, horror (pronounced hawr-er)  is a genre of fiction whose purpose is to create feelings of fear, dread, repulsion, and terror in the audience—in other words, it develops an atmosphere of horror. The term’s definition emphasizes the reaction caused by horror, stemming from the Old French orror, meaning “to shudder or to bristle.”

I will agree with this definition because it pretty much copies from Merriam-Webster, but who in the heck pronounces it that way? Seriously…hawr-er?

Okay, now that we can see that “horror” can actually be found in any genre (especially if you consider it is all in the eye of the beholder), maybe my list won’t be much of a stretch.

What are your favorite horror characters?

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My List:

Image result for hannibal lecterHannibal Lecter — OMG, I love this character. I must say that I did not like the Silence of the Lambs movie (although I will watch it if its on), but it did introduce me to the character. After watching Hannibal (the movie), I read the books by Thomas Harris. Holy crap what a difference! It was with the book character Hannibal though that I fell in love with. Hollywood should have just stuck with the book ending! I am currently on a Hannibal (tv show) binge but after watching the entire series, will not watch the final episode (seriously…they had to end it that way!)

Image result for jigsawJigsaw — I liked the Saw movies for what they were and always looked forward to seeing the next one. The character of Jigsaw is one created out of a sense of justice, but there was still something missing from the series. I am a little behind the times when it comes to movies and I was finally able to watch Jigsaw and it really was the final piece to who the character was. The fact that people can, if they really want to, get out of the trap is what makes Jigsaw an intriguing character.

Image result for dr moreauDr. Moreau — The Island of Dr. Moreau tells of a genetic scientist who plays God. Eventually, his creations revolt and kill the doctor. There have been several theatrical versions of the H.G. Wells novel, but my favorite was with Marlon Brando. Now, there was a lot of behind the scenes chaos that occurred on the set that made Brando want to be fired, but the studio refused and both sides tortured each other during filming. Personally, I loved the eccentricity of Brando’s Dr. Moreau. It brought the character closer to life than a staunch scientist.

Image result for phantom of the opera robert englundErik — Erik, a.k.a. The Phantom of the Opera, is generally not viewed as a horror character, but throw in the names Robert Englund and Julian Sands, and you have a horror movie. In Englund’s version, Erik sold his soul to the devil and was disfigured for all eternity. In Sands’ version, Erik is not disfigured at all, but lives in the sewers and is madder than a hatter. Let’s face it though, aside from the comedy reinterpretation, the character commits murder, kidnaps a young woman, and destroys property…yeah, I guess they all have horror elements in them.

Image result for pinheadPinhead — What can be said about the leader of the Cenobites? Over the series, we saw his character development and through that began to see the hell that each of the Cenobites were living. Glimpses of his humanity could be seen throughout the series, but it was through his war flashbacks that we really learn who, and what, he was in life. It seems that a large number of cultures have tales of a portal to hell that can be used to summon demons and they all come at a price. That is one door that I hope to never need to knock on.

Part II will be posted tomorrow.


A Few Halloween Memories

Halloween creates life-long memories. Whether it’s the costumes that were worn (even under warm winter coats), parties, tv shows, or books, Halloween is filled with memories.

Here are some of my fondest Halloween memories:

Image result for kooky spooks costumes

Kooky Spooks costumes…the wonderful costume that could be bought at the grocery store for a few dollars. At that price, my mother and I would buy the lot, blow up the hats and use those as our Halloween decorations. I loved Halloween so much that I would just sit around the house wearing my blow-up hat after school, just for fun.

Watching Horror Hall of Fame every Halloween between 1990 and 1992. We were promised a Horror Hall of Fame IV…I’m still waiting. This award show was hosted by Robert Englund and gave awards to actors, writers, and movies that get overlooked by the Oscars. Horror movies rarely get recognized for the work that goes into them.

No Halloween is complete without The Halloween Tree. This movie is based on the Ray Bradbury book that tells the story of Pip and his friends. Pip almost dies on Halloween and the only way for his friends to save him is to travel through time and learn the meaning behind the monsters that populate Halloween.

What are your favorite Halloween memories?

The Clockwork

He was more perfect than Nathaniel anticipated. The clockwork design was immaculate. There was no way he would be found out. No one would believe that this masterpiece was not the original.

“It’s perfect,” Nathaniel said, “but what about its skin? Were you able to mimic it?”

“Not exactly,” the creator said, frowning. “I have tried every spray, bed, and combination possible, but still have not been able to replicate the exact shade of orange.”

“That is most unfortunate.” Nathaniel looked one last time at the perfect specimen that stood in front of him. “It is of no use to me then. Good day.”

Nathaniel left the creator’s shop without paying the man for all his time and hard work. The creator’s frown tilted slightly and became a sinister grin as he looked at the perfect clockwork framework standing in front of him. “All I need is the right skin tone, Nathaniel, and I know the first one I want to try.”

This short was inspired by the 3TC prompt: clockwork, imagine, orange. It was also inspired by the Dr. Who episode Deep Breath (Season 8, Episode 1). Even though Dr. Who has included clockwork in several episodes, this one just feels unresolved and it’s unfortunate that the writers and produces used it simply as a way to introduce Missy.

Image result for dr who season 8 episode 1 clockwork