Put The Cat Out

Mary Ann sat on the couch and yawned while watching the late night show when she heard a small, muffled meow.

Probably just Winston wanting to go visit his friends for the night, she thought.

The meows grew louder but she could barely keep her eyes open. She was so tired. She had spent the last night and all day fixing the heater.

“Stay in tonight,” she said as her head snuggled under the blanket.

Winston was not going to tolerate being kept in, or being ignored and started angrily hissing and clawing frantically at the door.

“Fimmm,” she muttered.

She stumbled to the door and opened it. The sudden gust of cold air caught her off guard.

“Have fun,” she said and started to close the door when sounds of a cat fight filled the moonless night.

Fearing for Winston, she stepped out into the night and collapsed.

Bright lights hurt her eyes as she opened them.

“What? Where am I? What’s going on?”

“Calm down miss, it’s okay. You’re going to be okay.”

“What…what happened? Where am I?”

“Mercy General. Your neighbor was annoyed by your cat and went to tell you to put it inside. Found you on the ground and called 9-1-1. Good thing too, because you would have died last night.”

“Died? What are you talking about?”

“Carbon monoxide poisoning. Happens a lot this time of year. If it weren’t for your cat –”

“My cat died three years ago from cancer.”

The nurse and Mary Ann just looked at each other. Neither knew what to say.


Thoughts To Sleep On

How many people have died on the spot where you sleep?

If humans are primates, and primates eat other primates, should humans eat orher humans?

Why do Halloween skeletons always have lower jaws when there are no tendons or muscles to hold it there?

How many gardens and farms planted over unmarked graves?

Is Santa a stalker?

If Dracula we’re real, which version would he really be?

Who would win: Dracula or Hannibal Lecter?

Why does nobody mention the age difference in Twilight…does that not matter if you’re a vampire?

Who would win: the monster in the closet or the monster under the bed?

Who would survive a Jigsaw test: Pinhead or Jason?


Just A Little Grocery Shopping

“Next,” the butcher shouted over the glass case.

The customers looked at one another trying to remember who was there first. An old woman stepped forward and started giving her order. Everyone knew she had not been in line, but no one would ever argue with an old woman; they were much too polite for that.

“I’ll take two pounds of liver, three feet of sausage casing, and a half slab of ribs, please.”

“Sure thing.” The butcher had her order wrapped in plain brown butcher paper in no time.

Several of the customers that had been waiting decided to finish their other shopping first which left two customers are the counter.


Both men stepped up at the same time and glared at each other.

“I can get both of ya together,” the butcher said.

“I would like to have a two pound loin roast, and a pint of blood.”

“You and your blood,” the other customer tutted under his breath.

The butcher looked at the customer and started to say something, but thought twice about it and just got the order ready.

“And for you,” the butcher asked looking at the second customer.

“Unlike my crude counterpart here, I will take some tongue and a severed head.”

The butcher shifted and looked toward the back room. “Sorry, fresh out.”

“Of tongue or head?”

There was a loud scuffling from the back room that caught everyone’s attention. The butcher peaked his head in quickly then popped back out smiling.

“Give us a few minutes and we’ll have your order ready.”

“Ooh, goodie,” the first customer said to the second. “We should go get some seasonings to go with it.”

“Yes, lets.”

The butcher watched the two-headed customer waddle down the aisle toward the produce as he slipped on his slicker and goggles before slipping into the back room of the Cannibals-R-Us Grocery Store meat market.

Finish the Story – October #5

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Image Credit: Zoomer Radio

Who Crashed The Party?

The party at Drac’s house was in full swing. The Crypt-Kicker Five were on stage giving the performance of a lifetime and everyone was dancing and grooving to the beat. Even Igor was happy for once. Hazel brought enough witches’ brew to last the evening and Frank offered to cater the event, but Drac hired outside professionals instead. The night was a blast until …

To be continued.

I am tagging A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip to provide the next part.

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