Mrs. Harris thought having a class bingo game that they could take home over the weekend and play with their family would be great Halloween fun.

“Now class,” she said while handing out the cards, “I want you to bring the items you find back to class with you on Monday, or a picture will do if they are too much to bring in.”

The students were excited until they saw the cards. Confused looks filled the room but the bell rang and Mrs. Harris was too busy grabbing her purse and car keys to notice.

Monday morning arrived and she was excited to see all the things the students found. “Bring your BINGO findings up to the front of the room and put them on the table.”

Mrs. Harris became confused as twenty-six students walked up to the front of the class, took off their left shoe, and set it on the table. That was the last time she printed something off the Internet without really looking at it first.




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