Finish The Story – October #6


The Store of Lost Dreams

Alastair Keppler loved music for as long as he could remember. For the past forty years he had playing the Jack Lemon band every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at the Hightower Club. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else with his life. He didn’t want to do anything else with his life. The Hightower Club closed three months ago, and he had been unable to find work with another band. His money was gone–his life was gone–and now he had to sell his tuba to Mr. Franklin down at the Past Memories shop.

Louise Grayson dreamed of travel. When she was a child, she collected her father’s National Geographic magazine and read them cover to cover every month. She planned to travel to Paris, London, and Venice. She dreamed of seeing far off places like Russia, South Africa, and the Amazon. Oh, she had plans. Plans she hoped to share with John once he finished his studies at the University. She planned waited, and waited and planned as she worked as a seamstress to help support them. John went to New York to visit family. The telegram arrived shortly after he left in the carriage. Thanks was all it read. John never returned. He stole her dreams and left his nightmares in its place. There was nothing of value left in her tiny, one room apartment above the laundry. Nothing of value to anyone except her suitcase that held nothing but forgotten dreams. Maybe Mr. Franklin can find someone who needs a suitcase to hold their dreams.

The Past Memories thrift shop sat on the corner of Elm and Maple and has been owned and operated by Mr. J. Franklin and his wife for more than fifty years. People come in and out all day buying and selling their hopes and dreams. It is a cozy little shop filled with …

To Be Continued

I am tagging My Namaste 365 Online to provide the next part.

To participate, read the story as you receive it, then create the next part, and pass the story onto someone else until the story is finished. Please either pingback or post a link to your contribution in the comments of the original post.


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