The Full Moon

“Ah, come on, Mom! I’m almost ten! Everyone else is going!”

Grace sighed and looked to Ed for support but she knew she would not find any. It was true that Gregory was almost ten. And it was true that many of the other young boys of the village would be there, but she wasn’t ready for him to grow up.

“You can’t keep him a little boy forever,” Ed said in his son’s defense. “I went when I was his age.”

“And look how you turned out!” She looked at her husband’s scruffy hair and yellowed teeth.

“Fine, so I’m not the best example, but …”

She sighed as she looked outside at the darkening sky. It was no use. Ed was right. She couldn’t keep Gregory her little boy forever. She had to admit that the full moon parties she went to at his age were fun too.

“Fine. You can go. Just be back before dawn.”

Gregory jumped up, pecked her on the cheek, and ran for the door. “Thanks mom,” he shouted on his way out.

Grace wiped a small tear off her face as she watched her little werewolf run down the street to meet his friends. You can’t keep them pups forever…that’s for sure.


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