Population of Two

Except for two old men playing dominoes in the corner, the pub was empty

Except for two old men playing dominoes in the corner, the pub was empty. The silence was deafening. Alice and Howard thought it was strange, but hey, it was a small town. The men started laughing. The population would soon return to two old men playing dominoes in the corner.

This 50-word story was written for 50-word Thursday #23.


What Are You Saying?

Charlie and George threw their lunch sacks on the cafeteria table and sat down. It had been another boring morning and they were looking forward to English class.

“You guys won’t like English today,” Evan said, joining his friends with his hot lunch.

“Why?” George tried opening his Cheetos bag but ripped it completely open and lost half the bag on the floor.

Charlie and Evan laughed.

“We watched Nightmare Before Christmas since it’s Halloween tomorrow.”

George moaned while Charlie made gagging sounds.

“That movie blows,” Charlie said. “How much imagination did it take to come up with that crap?”

“I know,” Evan said.

“Now it would take more work to mash Halloween and New Years.” George considered picking up the Cheetos off the floor but the five-second rule didn’t apply at school. “Or even better would be Valentine’s Day.”

Evan stopped poking at his meatloaf and stared at his friends. “That would be cool, but isn’t that illegal?”

“Illegal?” Charlie asked.

“Why would it be illegal?” George asked.

“Well,” Evan thought about it for a minute. “Halloween is filled with ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and zombies, right?”

“Yeah. And?”

Evan was confused. “What do you mean, ‘and’? Werewolves are animals and bestiality is illegal. Vampires are dead and necrophilia is illegal. –”

“Dude!” George yelled. “What?”

“Yeah,” Charlie said. “What are you trying to say?”

“Well think about it–”

“My girlfriend and I kissing is not illegal,” Charlie protested.

“Well…” George said, thinking about it for a minute. “She is alive and well –”

“You’re a zombie,” Evan said.


“So…you’re dead. You died three years ago. Right?”

“And! What! That makes it necrophilia?”

Evan and George looked at each and shrugged.

“Technically, yeah, man. You’re dead. She’s making out with a dead guy. That’s sort of the definition of necrophilia,” Evan said.

Charlie grabbed his lunch and stormed out of the lunch room and skipped the rest of the day.


Their First Date

Cassie and Jared were out on their first date after flirting with each other over the past six months. It was going well and both were enjoying each others’ company.

“Want to get some lunch?” Cassie asked, looking around at all the lovely cafes that lined the street.

Jared took a long, deep breath then sighed. “Sure, how about Vernon’s Veggie Hut?”

Cassie was surprised. Jared didn’t look like a veggie eater. She thought back to all the meals she had seen him eat and, now that she thought about it, she never did see him eat anything other than a salad. Maybe he was on a diet?

“Where would you like to go?” Jared asking, seeing how uncomfortable Cassie had become. “I’ll eat where ever.”

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “It’s okay. What else do they offer there?”

Jared looked at the ground and twisted his foot in some dirt. “Just veggies.”

“Listen Jared,” Cassie said, “I’ve had a great time –”

Jared knew what was coming next. He had heard it all before. “But, you think it’s better if we just be friends.” He looked at her face and she wasn’t looking at him. “Oh…or just co-workers who are civil to each other?”

Cassie sighed. “It’s just that –”

“I know. I know. It’s okay. It’s me…not you. Okay.”

Cassie looked into his deep blue eyes for a moment and thought about the past six months. She was ready to quit her job at the collections agency the day he started training. He was the reason she stayed. He was the reason she started reading books again…and found new music groups that she adored. The day had been wonderful and she, well, she knew. She just knew.

Jared sighed and started to walk away. Broken and defeated.

“Veggies sound good…they sound different.”

“What!” Jared’s mouth dropped open. “What!”

Cassie giggled. “Yeah. I think you’re a great guy. And when — not if — you meet my parents, then I’ll just have to explain how their daughter ended up with a vegetarian zombie.”

“And when you meet my parents I’ll have to explain how their son ended up with a meat-eating zombie. But, I have to warn you though, my dad will ask you to play in his band and my mother will want to teach you how to cook veggies.”

The pair laughed all the way down to Vernon’s Veggie Hut, walking hand in hand.