Daily Writing Challenge #17

Welcome to the new Daily Writing Challenge

A story (or any creative creation) comes from individuals who find inspiration in a variety of places. This daily post will now be a collection of prompts that may inspire you.

Participating is simple: browse through the prompts and see if something sparks your imagination. Follow it to see where it leads, then post your link in the comment section below or link to this post and create a pingback (pingbacks will allow others to find your work easier).

As with all creative ventures…Have Fun!

Daily Writing Challenge (DWC)

In may parts of the US, we just had the first snowfall of the new winter season. That means cooler temperatures and days filled with family, turkey, and football games. It is a time when seasons merge and anything can happen.

Hollywood gave us Nightmare Before Christmas, and your challenge for today is to find inspiration in the blending of Halloween with another holiday (it doesn’t have to be Christmas).

Three Things Challenge (3TC)

For today’s Three Things Challenge, the words are: holiday, mash, spooky.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the 3TC…simply consider the three words above and follow where they lead you.

Worth A Thousand Words (WATA)

For this prompt, simply take in the photo below and let it inspire you. Follow where ever it may lead and take us along with you.



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