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I am always up for a round of 20-questions and if they involve anything Halloween-y than that is even better. A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip, posed the following questions (I added my response under the question):

Daily Topic Subject – Just Creepy

Q1] Favourite all time creepy monster or villian?

Ooh, hard one because there are so many good ones and so many sides to me…my heart says Hannibal (don’t ask), my brain goes with Dr. Frankenstein, and the rest of me goes with Erik (Phantom of the Opera)

Q2] Pumpkin Pie or what is your favourite pie at Halloween?

I like pumpkin pie, but unfortunately, it does not like me anymore as I found out last week…so, it looks like my Halloween pie will now have to be a Chocolate Meringue like I have throughout the year.

Q3] What is something you most assuredly wouldn’t want to bump into in a darkened alleyway?

Cujo. I love dogs (hate irresponsible dog owners though), but nothing terrifies me more than a mob of loose, angry dogs…or one dog with rabies 🙂

Q4] Have you ever dabbled with the dark side .. l don’t mean Bloody Mary either l mean Ouija?

Yes I have.

PQ5] What’s your most favourite Halloween movie that you just have to watch over, and over and over again every Halloween? [Link Please]

Rated R = that’s hard and changes every year, but this year its Jigsaw
Rated G = That’s a tossup between Mr. Boogedy and The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

Q6] Are you superstitious? [How so?]

Not at all.

PQ7] If you found yourself trapped in a horror movie which one would it be?

I’d always die! Are you trying to suggest something? Hmm, if I had to pick one, I would say Hannibal.

Q8] On the subject whilst we are here, have you ever played Bloody Mary?

Of course…although you should not play it while in a haunted house

Q9] Oh golly jeepers, you have awoken in the night to hear footsteps in the house .. who you gonna call?

Me. We swear our house has visitors.

Q10] So it’s dark and creepy, and you have just been dared to visit the local Cemetary would you do it?

Of course, but our local cemetary is dull and boring.

Q11] After watching a scary flick, can you just go to bed, or do you have to do something cheery first?

Straight to bed unless its The Shining (damn those little girls)

PQ12] It’s Halloween, you are music master at the party, what are your first five songs going to be played to kick start the night?

Monster mash, Thriller, Somebody’s Watching Me, Calling All the Monsters, O’ Fortuna

Q13]  Favourite all time scary creepy spooky book?

Don’t have a favorite, there are so many good ones. I have never been scared by a book though.

Q14] You have been invited to the ultimate Monster Mash party and it’s fancy costume – who are you going as?

If it’s Halloween, I demand a fairy god mother to go along with it and make me thin…then I’d go as Columbia.

PQ15] Are you doing anything for Halloween this year? If so what?

Not a thing. We have no trick-or-treaters and my kid will just be playing on the computer with his friends, so I will be watching horror movies.

Q16] You are a juinor witch going onto ‘sleepaway camp’, you have to take a familiar with you and your choices are:

Black Cat






What are you going to pick and why?

A Bat because I love bats.

Q17] You have been chosen to make the tea cakes for the party and they have to look spooky what are you going to make?

Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling, blood red icing, and a candy finger on top.

Q18] How old were you when you saw your first horror movie – what was it – provide link?

I had horrible parents growing up and I can tell you exactly the first movie I remember seeing (and yes, it was a horror movie). It was 1980…I was five years old…my dad and my friend’s dad thought it would be a great idea to get the families together and watch a bootleg copy of Death Ship. Yep…still remember it to this day.

Q19] Are you easily scared?

Not unless there are loose dogs around.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?


Q21] It’s Halloween, you have three choices which do you pick? Party, TricknTreating or staying at home curtain closed watching spooky stuff?

Younger me would be out trick-or-treating…older me would love to be dressing up and handing out candy…real me is sitting at home watching shows.



Finish The Story – October #7


I Don’t Believe In That

It was opening night of the Grim Reaper Haunted House in town and it seemed like everyone in town was waiting in line. Brandon, Alex, and Josh showed up right after school so they could be first in line, but they ended up in the parking lot.

“This’ll be great!” Alex bounced with excitement. “I hear they brought in actors from Hollywood.”

“Liar!” Josh gave Alex a friendly shove into the cheerleading squad in front of them and laughed. “It’s all about where they chose to put it that’s important.”

Brandon sighed and shook his head. “You don’t really believe that nonsense, do you?”

Alex and Josh shot him the ‘shut up’ look they had perfected over the years. Brandon was the realist…the matter-of-fact…the one boring, stick-in-the-mud friend that everyone seemed to have. But, his logical thinking and rationing had kept them from getting themselves killed on many occasions, so they kept him around. Not to mention he was the one who always had the money to do cool stuff.

“Yes, someone was killed –”

“Gah! Someone? Someone? Get it right Brandon! Five people were killed…no, not just killed…slaughtered in this house.”

“Josh is right, man. Five people were mutilated by their own hired hand. Sometimes I wonder about you.”

Brandon sighed and shook his head harder. The line moved fairly quickly, which surprised everyone until they got closer to the ticket booth. People were only spending a few seconds in the house before running back out the front door screaming.

Alex looked at Josh and grinned. “SWEET!”

Brandon paid for the trio and marched stoically in front of them toward the entrance. “I don’t believe in any of that crap. They are just stories created to prey on the weak minded.”

The Grim Reaper Haunted House company set up a series of jump scares and costumed volunteers to line the enclosed black-light path from the ticket booth to the front door of the Flatly House where the murders took place so many years ago.

The screaming, laughter, and pushing and pulling from Alex and Josh quickly got on Brandon’s nerves.

“Knock it off,” he said, reaching for the door. “I told you already how fake all this stuff is, so stop being babies!”

The old iron knob was icy cold under his palm and he could see his breath as he turned the knob. As he opened the door ….

To Be Continued

To lead us off and see where the tale may lead, I am tagging a great writer who provides us with the FOWC prompt every day: This, That, and The Other.


  1. Copy the story as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
  2. Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
  3. Tag only 1 person to continue the story
  4. Have fun!

The Joining Ceremony

“There are many things history has gotten wrong about us,” the father told his son on his eighth birthday, “and we like it that way.”

“What did they get wrong?”

“Well, for starters, they think we can’t have children of our own.” He looked at his son and smiled. “Hmm, let’s see, what else…um, we don’t like garlic, don’t have a reflection, most of us have no manners or hygiene.”

They boy laughed. “I love pepper and garlic on my pizza, and I don’t think the girls would like me if I didn’t have good hygiene.”

The boy’s mother came into the room carrying a large birthday cake with eight candles on it. “Make a wish,” she said.

The boy closed his eyes, made a wish, and blew out the candles. “Can we go now? Please?”

His parents looked at each and grinned. He was so much more prepared then they were for their first time. His mother remembers how afraid she was on her first trip to the ancient burial ground to take part in the joining ceremony. His father had cried the entire way there and tried to escape his collar and leash — which is precisely why his parents insisted on using them.

“Yes, we can go,” his father said, smiling.

The boy ran out the door and was already across the street by the time his parents locked up behind them.

The trip to the burial ground took them past Grace’s Flowers and its noxious fumes, and the so-called haunted house that was only spooky if you were three — or human. Once the family reached the ancient burial grounds the moon was high overhead, giving the mist a mysterious glow that could only mean the Grand Master himself was there.

The boy’s parents became excited. The Grand Master…at their son’s joining ceremony. Oh, it was any vampire parent’s dream.

“You know what to do son,” his father said.

The boy walked through the growing crowd and joined the other children in the center of the burial ground.

Hank walked to the boy’s and spoke quietly to each of them, then addressed the crowd. “We are gathered here, on the site of our forefather’s creation, to welcome the next generation into our fold.”

Parents smiled and held each other proudly.

“Do you,” Hank said to the children, “willingly enter into this covenant with the ancient ones? A covenant that requires utmost respect and loyalty.”


“Do you willingly accept your role in the continuation and promotion of human folklore concerning us and other ancient ones?”


The boy laughed thinking about all the false rumors that he could help spread now that he had his own computer.

“Then I welcome you into our ancient family.”

Everyone in attendance let out a bloodcurdling scream that echoed over the ridge and into the human homes. Frantic calls to 911 continued for the next hour much to the amusement of the crowd.

“See son, we’re not some evil creature born from sin,” his father said.

“Time to go home and get your homework done,” his mother added.

The boy groaned. “Vampires aren’t evil…homework is evil.”

This short was inspired by M.M.H.B Challenge – Spooky Tales (required words are in bold)

Bedtime For Little Ogres

“Tell me a bedtime story, Mommy. Please?”

The boy’s mother smiled and grabbed a book off a shelf in his bookcase as he climbed under the covers and giggled.

“Let’s see,” his mother said, settling in the rocking chair near his bed. “What shall we read tonight?”

“A fairy tale.”

“Okay, a fairy tale.”

She scanned the table of contents and found a short fairy tale, and started reading.

“Once upon a time, in a magical land, there lived a family of witches. Hazel and Merlin worked as court jesters and their daughter, Elizabeth, was about your age. She loved to run through the lavender fields down to frog’s pond where she would spend all day talking and playing with the frogs and toads that lived down there. The witch family were not wicked witches; in fact, they were quite a nice family, but they were treated as outcasts just the same. Even though they lived in a magical land, and were witches, they just didn’t fit in. Hazel loved to sew beautiful gowns for young ladies who could not afford them, and Merlin was a natural-born teacher who loved inspiring young people to go live their dream. They were odd enough, but that is not why they were outcasts. It was because of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a lovely little girl, with a heart of gold, but she just didn’t fit in. In a world of warts and wrinkles, gray hair and crooked teeth, her ethereal looks just didn’t fit in. She looked macabre with long blond hair, sparkly white teeth, and rosy cheeks –”


“What?” She dropped the book she was so startled. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

The boy’s face appeared from under the covers. “I said I wanted a fairy tale…not a horror story.”

She laughed gently and picked up the book. She rocked for a moment then roared with laughter. “Yeah, I think looking like that would be horrific. Imagine your mother with blond hair and white teeth.”

The little boy laughed so hard, snot flung across the room and splattered on the wall of his room.

“Goodnight my ugly little ogre.”

“Goodnight, Mom.”

She paused and looked around his cave as she turned out the light. It really would be a nightmare to live in a fairy tale like that, she thought.

This was inspired by M.M.H.B Challenge – Spooky Tales