Little Suzanne


The rumor of the girl in black had been passed down in Flowing Corners for more than three hundred years. According to legend, six-year-old Suzanne Carter was running in the field looking for her father so that she could give him his lunch when the oxen spooked. She was caught under the plow. Suzanne died three days later in the arms of her parents. Since then, she has wandered her family farm looking for kids to join her.

“That story is getting so old,” Justin said. “We’ve heard it since we were little kids.”

Miss Lucy laughed. “Well it’s good to know the local legends, Justin.”

The class looked at the bell and counted down the last ten seconds until their Halloween night began.

Justin, Slate, and Ace sat in the graveyard and watched the little kids run up and down the street.

“Stupid little kids,” Ace said.

Slate walked out to the road and waited for a lone trick-or-treater to pass by.

“Want some candy,” Slate said as he joined his friends again, laughing.

“This is boring,” Justin said. “You would think with that stupid legend Miss Lucy told us again that something would happen on Halloween.”

“Yeah.” Slate picked through the pillowcase until he found a Kit Kat. “I’m so tired of this boring town. Can’t wait till I’m eighteen.”

“Let’s go find her,” Ace said.

Justin and Slate stared at him. “Find who?”

“Suzanne. Let’s go find her.” He looked toward the back of the graveyard. “Their farm wasn’t far from here, and Mrs. Lincoln said the graveyard sits at the very end of their field.”

“You went to the library?” Justin asked, astonished.

The trio looked at each. It sounded more fun than sitting in a graveyard.

“Sure,” Justin said.

“Yeah, maybe we’ll find her bones,” Slate said.

As the trio headed for the backside of the graveyard, four shadows were cast against the mausoleums.




The Desk

Workmen came early on Monday morning to start clearing out the old school before demolition. Art work, homework lessons, and forgotten jackets stood as silent reminders of the lives that once passed through its doors.

“Well, guys,” the foreman said, “pick a room and get started. We only have a week.”

Jack walked down the hall and thought about all the stories his great-grandfather told of being a student there. The nuns used to punish the children by hitting them over the knuckles with rods, or would make them stand in the corner with a heavy book in each hand. Jack was very glad they closed the school before he was born, even if the school did change hands after the nuns punished a student so bad that he died.

Room 3B seemed to call to Jack, so he went inside and started scooting the chairs and desks toward the door. One particular desk was so stuck to the floor, it didn’t want to budge. Jack sat down at the little desk and opened the top. There was nothing inside, yet the desk was much heavier than the others.

“Man, if only you could talk,” Jack said. “The stories you could tell.”

“Oh, yes, the stories,” the desk thought. “I could tell of the family photo with the crossed out eyes, and of the blood stained knife, and the gun that took so many dreams. I could tell of open diaries, and of forgotten parties. I could tell of the tears and fears that were born in my seat. Oh, yes, the stories we will tell.”

When the day was done, Jack and the crew went home. Children and the desk in 3B haunted his sleep until…



M.M.H.B Mystery Challenge

As you may know already, A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip has a month-long M.M.H.B Challenge going on, and today he posted a new mystery challenge. You need to answer a series of questions and so rather than filling up his comment section, I decided to post his questions and answers here…


Name this Horror film


GAAAAA!!!! I have to think about this one!



What is a Hallow?

— A hollow is a little wooded area where spirits live that are claimed to replace the living the living if they spend too much time there. There are reports of parents leaving their young child out in the snow because they were sure they were a changling. And a man even killed his wife by putting her head in the fireplace because he was utterly convinced she was a changling.


What popular fall festival activity did the Romans bring to Britain when they invaded?

The fall festival of Samhain was already celebrated by the Celtic people, but the Romans brought Feralia and Lemuira that were originally celebrated in the spring/summer. Eventually, the three combined and were moved to the fall.


What are these lyrics from and which band?

You always keep me guessin’, I never seem to know what you are thinkin’.
And if a fella looks at you, it’s for sure your little eye will be a-winkin’.
I get confused, ’cause I don’t know where I stand,
And then you smile, and hold my hand.
Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.

Spooky by Percy Sledge


In the correct spelling of the Halloween, where is the apostrophe placed?



What were the original jack o’ lanterns made from? [Only answer with images]

Image result for turnip


Name this Horror film




What country holds the title for the World’s heaviest pumpkin?

United States — Rhode Island I think


What do you think is the most popular adult costume hired/rented out for halloween? Answer with images only

Image result for dracula


Frankenstein was created by who and how did they come up with the idea and why?

Mary Shelley … ghost story contest with Lord Byron


What was Bram Stoker’s original name for Dracula?

No Idea


What was the first feature length werewolf movie called and when did it come out?

The Wolfman (1941)


Name this Horror film.


The Birds

Retirement On His Mind

“The challenge, you see,” the man said, ” is to make a slit just wide and deep enough for your fingers without tearing into either the meat or the skin.”

The man demonstrated the technique at the table in front of the room filled with his apprentices. He glanced up and saw his twenty apprentices frantically making notes in their notebook. Twenty paying apprentices this time, he thought. Next time, I’ll take on thirty. Maybe my ‘Become a Serial Killer in Five Easy Lessons’ will really take off and I can finally retire. 

This short was inspired by FOWC with Fandango – challenge