Say It Three Times

“Shh…we’re not supposed to be in here,” Chaz said as he took the old sheet off the mirror. “This used to belong to my crazy great-grandmother.”

“Yeah, it’s a mirror,” Adam said.

“So what,” Charles added.

“So, she was a witch,” Chaz said.

“And…” Adam said, raising his hands.

Chaz grew a wicked little grin. “And, let’s play Bloody Mary with it.”

Charles groaned. “Man, aren’t we a little old to be playing that?”

Chaz laughed. “No. Unless you’re chicken. You scared?”


Adam grinned and whispered in Charles’ ear. Charles stifled a giggle, then nodded. “Okay, let’s play.”

The three stepped in front of the mirror in the dark closet and took a deep breath.


“Chaz’s Mom…Chaz’s Mom…Chaz’s Mom,” Adam and Charles yelled together.

She came flying into the room screaming. “What! What Happened! Who’s Hurt!”

Chaz turned white and gulped. When his mother realized there was no emergency, she flew into a hissy fit over her son playing with her antique mirror she just bought from the Always Antique shop last week.

Adam and Charles laughed all the way home.


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