The Fashion Show

Hello! I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight for a great cause! I’m Jeffery, your emcee for the one of a kind fashion show you are about to witness. Our designers have put together a collection of both models and outfits that have never been seen before. And I see a few designers in the audience as well, hello Michael and Christian, I see you hiding back there. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Leading us off tonight is Lestat wearing Scarlett LaRue’s latest design. This black suit can be worn to any event and the blood red lining adds just a dash of flair that immediately takes one back to the Victorian age when menacing was beautiful. The cane and removable cape sets off the ensemble nicely. Well done, Lestat, thank you. He doesn’t look a day over thirty, does he?

Be sure to grab a glass of champagne going around the room. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the server, they are a ghost after all. We would have had Eric back for this evening, but it is a full moon and we wanted him to serve appetizers, not make our audience into beastly werewolf kibble.

Ah, the lovely Delores, risen from the dead just for this one evening as a favor to George Van Frist. This brown and green jumpsuit is perfect for the hideous zombie on the go. Lots of pockets for body parts, and a large front pouch just the right size for a head. In this, Delores is ready to hang out at the grave, or lead the charge in the next Apocalypse. Even a zombie likes to look fashionable. Am I right?

Imhotep joins us all the way from Egypt wearing Lord C’s latest in mummy designs. Gone are the days of linen wrapping. This season is all about gold. After all, what’s good about being a mummy if you can’t have a little gold? The gold trim on the shirt and pants is real 24 karat gold and the jacket is made of the smoothest ethereal silk. No man should settle for second best, whether he is a pharaoh or a lowly farmer. Everyone can look their best with Lord C.

We have a special treat for the live audience tonight. For one-night only, we brought together the world’s greatest villains for a special collection by Bez. Let’s give a big round of applause to Freddy, Jason, Michael, Norman, Hannibal, Elliott, John, and Ed. These eight, fantastic sports are wearing the complete fall collection for both him and her. Only the finest human and animal pelts were used in this collection. I should note that Bez has requested all orders be placed tonight because procuring the materials takes some time to select the best source for the garment.

Excuse me, but you cannot eat our designer’s clothing! Security! Will you please remove this cannibal from the building! How repugnant!

Sorry about that interruption, folks. Some people! Back to the show.

Ah, the lovely Laurie and Christian, straight from Salem wearing the latest from R.B.. This relative newcomer has made a big splash in the witching community. No witch or wizard’s collection can be considered complete without at least one sinister item from R.B. Whether you need the purest silk for conjuring or just a night out on the town, you’ll find it with R.B..

Now for something new this year. Abigail would like to announce that she is entering the children’s market, and tonight we have Chucky wearing a pair of pants with more pockets a child could ever fill with their dead pets. The knit sweater is lightweight and has three hidden pouches just the right size for the growing maniac’s weapons. Abigail would like to warn, however, that it is flammable, so it’s best to not get near an open flame. OH MY! DOES SOMEONE HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!

Let that be a lesson to one and all not to get too close to the grim reaper after judging a five-alarm chili contest. Just give us a moment to clear up the runway please. And could someone open a window please, it had become quite odious in here.

Our last two models for tonight’s show are all wearing the latest in Maybelle’s All-Sizes Collection. First up, we have Jack, who so graciously agreed to help even with his busy schedule as the Pumpkin King. Being a skeleton, it is important that one’s pants fit securely and Maybelle’s line includes retractable tabs that will accommodate even the most petite body frame. Next, we have the lovely Fiona, wearing a dress that would look beautiful in the most luxurious castle, or the muckiest swamp. This one-size-fits-all dress comes with two pockets and you can order a removable sheath if you so desire.

Oh, I’m sorry, if you’re looking for the furry convention, they’re next door. Boy, human’s colors sure drain fast when they’re scared, don’t they? Man, never seen a scared human run that fast before. Must be a world record.

Let’s bring out all our models and designers for one last round of applause. It’s been a real shocking evening and I am sure the orders will be pouring in soon. Thank you for joining me. Don’t forget to pick up coats from Ghostface on the way out.

This was written for M.M.H.B. Challenge.

*Note I used the real name of the characters Pinhead (Elliott Spencer), Jigsaw (John Kramer), Leatherface (he doesn’t have a name, so I used the basis of the character Ed Gein). Also, the witch and wizard (wearing D.B.) are based on real people.


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