Will They?

The man at the podium used mean, spiteful, hateful words. The crowd cheered and hollered. The more he spoke, the more they cheered. The more he pointed fingers, the more they nodded. The more hateful he became, the more the crowd smiled and laughed.

The little boy watched the crowd. He listened to the man at the podium. The longer he watched and listened, the more he cried. He heard the same words many times. The faces mere echos of the past. A past the boy thought long forgotten.

The boy sighed, wiped his eyes, and looked at his father. “Will they ever learn?”


House Rules

Jared knew all about house rules. In his house, no one could buy a property in the same group if one was already owned. In Alex’s house, the properties were all dealt out before the game even started. Jay’s family loved free parking and dumped everything in there…including rent. He thought Hallie’s house had the strangest rules though in that everything was put into the jail. Although that may be because her dad had been locked more almost her entire life.

This was his first time playing at B’s house, and also his last. As soon as B’s dad showed up and said the house rules included blood donations, the option of selling one year of his soul in exchange for rent, he ran out of the house and never looked back.

Oddly enough, B never showed back up to school.


“And then, when I opened my mouth, all my teeth fell out!”

“Ugh! I hate those nightmares,” Holly said, sipping her coffee. “I always dream that the tooth fairy is running behind and shows up with a pair of pliers.”

Vicky shivered. “I don’t know if I could live with that one, Hols. You know I don’t like pliers in the first place.”

Every morning Lucy sat in the corner of Jay’s Coffee Hut and watched models like Vicky and Holly come in, chat for a while, and smile with perfect teeth. She didn’t know how, but they were immaculate. Every morning she would sit and watch the perfect young ladies turn up their noses at her. Never a model, never beautiful…on the outside. Her teeth were black, broken, or missing from years of poverty. People snickered, pointed, stared, and whispered of meth. Always whispered just loud enough for her to hear. Every morning she died a little more inside.

When she was done with her quarter water and morning newspaper, Lucy walked five miles to the hospital where she sat all day watching nurses come and go, doctors and interns patting themselves on the back, and grieving families leave for the last time. Every day she sat with her daughter. This was her life now. Six years ago, Fay was waving goodbye as she stepped on the bus for her first day of Kindergarten. Lucy’s life stopped ten minutes later as sirens wailed through the city. Twenty-two dreams cut short; one delayed.

No, this was her life now. So let them point, let them laugh. Let them think she is a drug addict. If the young lady had not been in such a hurry to get to her model shoot. If she had not stopped at Jay’s Coffee Hut. If she had not been more concerned about her perfect looks, then maybe she would have seen the bus. Maybe the bus driver would not have swerved and lost control. Maybe the bus would never have t-boned the tree. Maybe twenty-three children would be starting junior high today. Maybe Lucy wouldn’t spend every morning wondering if one of those perfect beauties was the young woman who didn’t stop. Maybe.

Three Things

So, My Namaste 365 Online posted this three things pic as a bit of light reading…they look interesting/fun…

My Answers:

  1. Hey, Mom, & G** damn it 🙂
  2. Hiking, biking, outdoors (now if I could only do these again)
  3. Loose dog, loose dogs, loose dogs barking in the dark.
  4. Jeans, old sweatshirt….only two things.
  5. I post these a lot so I will skip this one.
  6. Nun (till I figured out you had to be Catholic), Coroner (until I learned you had to go to medical school–I would love the school, but not the rotations), Philosopher (until I learned they don’t really exist anymore).
  7. Scotland, Netherlands, Wales
  8. Hannibal, Erik (POTO), The Doctor (pre-Doctor 12)

If anyone finds these questions interesting/fun, please join in!