Foods I Miss

Since I can’t really eat right now, I am very hungry and started thinking about all the foods that I have loved over the years that have been discontinued. While I long for the days when tv dinners came in aluminium trays that required an oven, I have loved several microwave foods that are no longer available.

Here are ten discontinued foods I continue to mourn over (I do not own any of these pics):

What are some foods you miss?


12 thoughts on “Foods I Miss

  1. I used to eat those breakfast bars! I’ve always been a big fan of convenience foods in car-friendly packages. I eat Clif bars instead now. Can’t think of foods I miss… except I miss being able to drink a glass of wine without getting sick. That’s such a nice way to relax.

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      1. Yes indeed. In my case it was my (maternal) grandmother. My mother had something of a reputation as a dreadful cook. Oddly, she had talent when it came to offal, but any other attempts at culinary creativity were, without exception, disasters.

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