I got nothing, the writer thought to herself while sipping a latte inside Jim’s Coffee House one morning. She tapped her pencil on her notepad. Tap, tap, tap, and still nothing came to her mind. Her agent said that she needed to prioritize things in her life so that writing came first. That was easy, really, considering she hardly did anything else, but nothing was coming to her. Not a single word had been written since she put writing first.

“Refill?” The waitress gave her the ‘you’ve bee here too long’ look.

“Ah, no, thanks. I think I’ll move outside now. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration there.”

The waitress smiled and moved on to the next table.

Sitting in the fresh air felt good. People were hustling about running their daily errands, stopping to take in the good weather, and children were pointing in the sky.  The more she looked around at the people on the street, the more she noticed everyone was now looking toward the sky. That’s odd. She didn’t hear anything different. There were no flocks of birds or airplanes. In fact, she didn’t hear anything at all. Now that was strange. The street is usually filled with people’s chatter, cars going by, and normal sounds of life. Today there was nothing but silence.

Until a roaring, high-pitched giggle came from high in the sky.


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