Perfect House

The house was perfect. Three bedroom, two bath, wrap around porch, and a bay window where she could sit and read. She got it for a steal at an auction in May. Sure, there were bound to be a few things wrong with it, but the bank insisted the house was in perfect condition. The previous owner was a loner and skipped town without covering their taxes.

For two weeks everything was perfect. Then they came. Flies started appearing in different rooms of the house. A few here and there are to be expected, but she was not prepared for the population explosion in her house. The exterminator was as surprised as she was, but they managed to kill them. Only to have more appear two days later. He was stumped and suggested she call in another company who could cover the house and gas it.

She looked at the card the exterminator had taped to the fridge and tapped the number on her phone.

“Madame Sarah’s, may I help you?” The woman sounded very polite, as if you could see her smile through the phone.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number.”

“Don’t hang up Lacy. I am who you are looking for.”

“Um…I was trying to call Pete’s Pest. Sorry. Hang on…how’d you know my name?”

Madame Sarah laughed. “I know a lot about you already and your problem.”

“Yeah,” Lacy said with an air of disbelief. “Then what’s my problem?”

“You have flies all over your house and no amount of bug spray can get rid of them, the musty smell is getting worse, and you have been having nightmares for a week where –”

“How do you know all that?”

“I told you. I’m exactly the help you need. I will be over in ten minutes with Sheriff Johnson.”

“What! I don’t need the police! I’m not in any danger!”

“If you don’t get out of the house now, yes you are. He’s still there.”

The phone went dead.

Lacy didn’t stop to ask questions. She ran out of the house and sat across the street on the curb until a police car pulled up.

A very strange looking woman with wild black and silver hair stepped out of the car. “It’s okay, Lacy, dear. You’re safe now.”

Within ten minutes of the Sheriff’s arrival, the entire block was filled with patrol cars, C.S.I vans, and news cameras.

She knew the house was too good to be true.


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