Not A Good Plan

Jennifer was tired of the dead rising from their graves, throwing anything on, and winning the best dressed zombie every Halloween at the Danville Community Center’s Annual Zombie Ball. This year she had a plan. This year she was going to win. She had the perfect outfit already picked out and displayed on her bed. She just knew she was going to win. Everything was in place Halloween morning.

Looking back, Jennifer had to agree that is was not the best plan after all. She didn’t tell anyone else what she had planned. That’s how she ended up laying in the casket wearing a smiley face t-shirt, poodle skirt, saddle shoes, and neon pink and green hair. Still, it could have been worse. She could live with it for the year. She’d win the following year.

Just as she started wondering how she was going to pass the year, someone turned up the heat.


A Little ‘Who Am I’ Quiz For You

All this month, we have been enjoying the Mystery Question from A Guy Named Bloke and K9 Doodlepip and I decided it was time for me to have a little fun and challenge him to a mystery.

Can you find out who I am based on these ten clues?

I was born dead.

My Mother drank poison.

I spent time in boarding schools and foster homes.

I was a trained plumber.

I have a love hate relationship with the moon.

I could never pass up a good drink.

Never afraid to make a scene.

Member of a very exclusive club.

You never knew where I’d turn up.

I have appeared in nearly every film genre.


You’re In A Horror Movie (fun Q&A)

Our lovely M.M.H.B. Challenge master has a fun Q&A for us all today. We could get into a little trouble with this one, but it’s all in good fun.


You’re In A Horror Movie

So with regards your followers who fits this description the most and why?

The nutter who decided the creepy house was the safest place to be?

The one who screams the loudest but squeals at the same time like a baby?

The joker who is always the prankster but the one who dies first?

The one that goes missing first?

The one who goes insane first?

The one who turned tail first and ran for the hills?

The one that gets murdered stupidly saving someone else?

The one who has your back no matter what decidedly devilish demon jumps out at you?

The one who has the best survival plan, that no one listens to?

The one that is really the killer??

  • Me….ha ha ha ha


To join in, just copy the questions, and link back to A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip.

Have Fun!

So Few Trick-or-Treaters


“Trick-or-treat!” Jasper yelled.

An old woman opened the creaky door. The cool air made her shiver. “Oh, my, what do we have here?”

Jasper giggled and held up his bag. Mrs. O’Grady dropped in three pieces of candy from her tiny cauldron. Then another three. Jasper’s eyes lit. As he was leaving, Mrs. O’Grady called him back and emptied the candy bowl into his bag.

Jasper let out a screeching howl and ran all the way back home.

“There’s so few trick-or-treaters when you live in a graveyard.” Mrs. O’Grady sighed as she closed the door to her family crypt.

This was written for the 8th Annual Halloweensie Contest