“Life was easier then,” Kevin argued after loosing his video game.

“How so?” his Dad asked, chuckling as he remembered all the nights he spent in front of the television as he played rage-inducing video games.

“Oh please,” Kevin said, starting his game again. “We have life-like 4k games and you guys had what, 2-bit side-scrollers! Everything about your life was easier than we have now.”

Boy, that made his Dad feel ancient. The boy had no idea what he was talking about, though. Sure things were different back then, and less complicated, but that didn’t make things any easier. His son gave him an idea though.

The next morning, after dropping Kevin off at school, but lord knows three blocks is too far for a nine year old to walk, he stopped at his mother’s house and filled his truck with boxes from the garage, returned home, and got to work. When he picked Kevin up from school, everything was in place.

“What the hell!” Kevin’s jaw dropped as he walked in.

The sixty inch flat-screen television that hung on the wall had been replaced by a thirteen inch console. Kevin ran through the house looking in every room as gasps filled the house. Gone were the video game consoles, Alexa, computers, laptops, microwave, spare televisions, and stereo.

“I’ll take your cell phone, please.” His Dad held out his hand.

“But, what is going on?” Kevin was in such a state of shock that his hand retrieved his cell phone and turned it over without even asking the brain.

“For the next seven days, you will be living in retro days. Those days when, as you like to say, we had it so easy.”


His Dad looked at the clock on the wall. “I will need to get dinner started if we are going to eat by six. I’m going to go a little easy on you though, and there is my old Nintendo hooked up for you in the front room.”

“I can’t play video games on that little screen!”

“Hmm…maybe life in the olden days was too hard for you?”

Kevin glared.

As his Dad started dinner, sounds of anguish then rage filled the house.

“I did hit jump, you stupid game! Gah! That’s not fair!”

Inside the kitchen, his Dad covered his mouth and laughed so hard tears flowed down his face. He couldn’t wait for Kevin to figure out he had to walk to and from school for the week. He’ll soon learn that retro does not mean easy.”


Don’t Trust A Snoozer

Brandon coasted through life on snooze. As a child he was home-schooled because he refused to get up on time without a fight. High school years were spent taking snooze classes until ten, then only the easiest classes he could register for. The day he turned eighteen he applied for the nightwatchman position on a rail line that only ran day trains, but because the railroad was required to have an emergency watch, they needed someone. He loved the job and held it for more than forty years. He could sit on the porch and watch the fireflies and stars and snooze through as he had always done. Everything was heaven until the Number Six’s engines failed while taking a full load of red-eye passengers to Chicago and was sent barreling down the side line through Brandon’s station. He was too busy snoozing through his shift to notice the urgent calls for help blasting through the office where he was supposed to be sitting. Three hundred and sixty-two friends, lovers, parents, and children lost their lives because Brandon was snoozing through life.

This short was inspired by FOWC with Fandango – snooze

Daily Writing Challenge – Nov 3

Welcome to the Daily Writing Challenge

Everyday at 6am CST, I will post one picture and three words that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. What you produce is up to you. It can be a story, poem, art — anything everything goes. Just see where the muse takes you and take us along with you.

You do not need to use both the words and the picture. Use any part of the challenge that ignites your creativity.

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Today’s Prompts

Photo Credit: National Aquarium, Washington, DC.

Laughing, Kangaroo, Red