Page 62, Line 6

…except for the carrot and celery sticks. Sitting in the … (The Big House by Carolyn Coman)

Visiting his grandparents for the holidays was like spending a week in heaven. His grandmother could cook the most mouth-watering meals he had ever seen. It’s a shame all his mother knew how to do was program the speed dial for the local delivery joints. Ralph would sit at the kitchen table and watch as his grandmother danced around the kitchen. She would smell this or that, add a dash here and there, and sing. Oh, how she would sing. He would eat anything that woman prepared, except for the carrot and celery sticks. Sitting in the refrigerator, in a large tupperware container filled was water, was a batch of carrot and celery sticks. She would take a few of each out, shake off the water, then put them on a plate that would sit in the middle of the table until the end of the meal. They always made him cringe.

Ralph sat at his island bar stool and chuckled. He hadn’t thought of his grandmother and her cooking for years. His wife did all the cooking. It was her calling, she would say. He was fine with that. It made her happy, and that made him happy. The only thing she couldn’t understand was why he insisted on having a small plate of carrot and celery sticks on the table every evening when no one in the family ate them.

If you would like to partake in this little fun challenge (I am bored right now and trying to avoid doing chores), open a book — any book — to page 62 (physical or ebook) and copy line 6. Then use it in a short post.


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