Good Blog – Q&A

While browsing my reader, I came across a post by Sparks from a Combustible Mind, who answered questions posed by Pensitivity101. Great questions…so I decided to join in because it just seems like today is a day for answering questions 🙂


  1. So, what do you think makes a good post on your blog?
  2. Do you have favourite?
  3. What do you prefer to write about?
  4. What do you like to read on other people’s blogs
  5. What attracts you to follow a blogger?

My answers:

  1. I have no idea and frankly I don’t really try to figure it out. I have had some that bombed and some that did well, but if I were to look at my post stats I usually am upwards of 50% like…so, I’m fine with that. I often read a post and move on, then remember I didn’t leave a like. Yeah, I’ve gotten very lazy lately…sorry. I think a “good” post is one that makes someone smile, laugh, cry, shiver, or just go hmm, okay.
  2. No. I have written close to a thousand posts (over 800 are still available on my blog) in six months. I am doing good to remember what I wrote ten minutes ago until I look at it again. There are some that I really enjoyed (like Down the Cricket Hole, Old Man Cooper and its prequel, and a few others) but, for the most part, I don’t have a favorite.
  3. Anything and everything. October was super fun because I started out writing horror as a kid and do enjoy it — but in my own style. I don’t think many others would consider those horror posts. I write whatever strikes me at the time.
  4. Hmm…this answer could cause some hurt feelings…I prefer to read short fiction. Children’s and horror are two categories I am always up for. I will read a lot of different things, but those will always keep me coming back.
  5. Their voice. I like to read posts by those that are confident enough to stand behind what they write. That being said, I do have some limits on what I read and sometimes a writer (that’s what we all are) has a confident voice but a subject matter that I just don’t like, so I don’t read much of their work. It’s not about the writer, its a purely selfish drive to read things that I like. I hold nothing against people who don’t follow/read my work and I hope they are the same. I am always looking for more blogs to follow.



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