How much is too much?
How little is too little?
Is there an unseen scale that weighs things out?
Is there an unseen judge examining action and inaction?
Are we bound to such unseen devices?
Are we not free to act or not act?
Life is not written for anyone, so is it not up for debate?
Is it a debate already lost?
Or perhaps not even begun?
In the end are we not our own judge?
Can others truly understand?
Action and inaction – two sides of a coin?
What if we roll down the middle?
Or linger too long along the way?
Is there an end goal?
Does anyone know the way?
Do some have a map?
Do some make their own?
Is there a navigator?
Is there a guide?

Michael sat and pondered on a rock by the crossroads.
A breeze brushed by his ear. “Yes,” it said.


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