Warped Sense Of Humor

Whenever someone says you have a warped sense of humor, thank them. Think about it for a moment. All the greatest beings in the universe had a warped sense of humor. Vending machine God’s listen to requests then make sure the corner of your selection clings to another. Traffic light fairies toy with emotions with a flick of the switch. The snow and ice devils are the worst though. They have an ongoing love triangle with rain but they made her so mad she just gives them the cold shoulder.

Having a warped sense of humor is required as a human…the universe is laughing their butts off at us.



Helen fed the cats, locked the doors and windows, kissed her children goodnight, and thought all was well.

It was.

A Little Predictive Text Tale

Here are 100 words that my phone predicts I will use…let’s see what we get tonight.

We have a lot in common with a similar situation by doing this is a good email for the last minute change in my life that is why we are not in a position in a few hours I have been trying to get in touch I will have our own I don’t know how much more I can be there by doing this morning my love how the chat and I am going on a date with my mom and I are you going to try and get it to you today but you can get the twerp today.

It’s Just A Little Rain

“I can’t go out today, Mom,” the boy said, looking out the window, “it’s raining.”

His mother walked behind him drying her hands on a dish towel and shook her head. “If you always wait for clear weather, you’ll never do anything.”

The boy ignored her as he always did and returned to his toys. Days passed as he watched his siblings dash in and out of the house going here and there, always complaining about the weather. Still, no matter what they did, or how much they enjoyed it, the boy refused to go out in the rain.

Years passed and the boy grew up, but he never changed. High school graduation — missed because it was raining. Brother’s military send off – missed because it was snowing. Mother’s funeral – missed because of rain. Brother’s funeral – missed because it was too windy. It did not matter what was happening, or to whom, or why – the man would not go if it was not perfect weather for him.

When the old man finally passed, no one came to his funeral because the weather didn’t suit them.