When Alan was born, the doctors were astonished. At just one day old, he was already sitting. “He’s so advanced,” they would say as they watched him. His parents shrugged their shoulders. He was just their little Alan.

When they came for his six month check-up, Alan was walking and talking. Again doctors fussed over him and wanted to study him, but his parents firmly said no.

Eventually, the family moved to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere so that Alan could grow up in peace. Away from scientists who wanted to study him – away from prying reporters and Hollywood agents who wanted to make a movie of his life.

Alan was advanced in everything he tried. Mastered fifty foreign languages before he was ten, chess master at five, he even memorized the world’s largest dictionary by thirteen. Yes, he was advanced in many ways, but he lacked the social skills to develop meaningful relationships. Even with his parents. They loved and adored him – he tolerated their presence.

Things changed shortly before Alan’s fourteenth birthday. He would stumble and forget things. Common things. His parents feared the worst, and those fears were confirmed with their private physician. Advanced alzheimer’s. Despite his mother’s objections, she knew in her heart, he was right. Alan had been advanced at everything in his life. Hitting old age was just another stage that some people faced.

Alan, however, rejected the notion outright. He did not have alzheimer’s and he knew it. He was the smartest person in the world after all and he should know.

A year later, Alan proved himself correct when he completed his evolution into an advanced humanoid creature that would walk the Earth in another ten thousand years.

This short was inspired by FOWC with Fandango – Advanced


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