You Had A Chance

“The future is today,” Mr. Cooper liked to tell his students. “Don’t wait for tomorrow.”

That might work for adults, but few of the students believed him. Although, truth be told, few of the students understood what it even meant. They were eleven. Their future was more than ten years away. That’s almost twice as long as they’d been alive. One student believed him. One student understood him. 

Aspen had moved to Granger three weeks earlier and set the school ablaze with gossip ever since. It wasn’t just her name, or her clothes, or the way she didn’t seem to know any of the popular shows. It was her name, her clothes, the way she didn’t know anything that a proper eleven year old should know. And she talked funny. Not funny as in ‘y’all’, but real funny. Like calling Mr. Cooper by his full name rather than Mr. C like everyone else. Heck, she even called McDonalds, McDonalds rather than Mick Ds like kids or even the Golden Arches like the old people. She was just plain weird.

 Every day, after school, she would walk alone to the city park. No one knew where she lived because it seemed like she never left the park. She would go from school to the park, and from the park to school. Even when a group of her classmates waited at the park exits until after the street lights came on, they didn’t see her leave the park.

One day, Aspen didn’t show up to school. It was weird that she would move to town, then move away, but she did. She must have. The only thing she left behind was her textbook. When Mr. C opened the book, a note fell out. He read it for the class:

“My Dear Mr. Cooper” (see, she really was weird.)

“Thank you for letting me be part of your class. It has been quite enlightening. There had been much debate about the value of human beings, and my time with you, and the students in your class, have shown me that humans refuse to see what is in front of them. You are quite correct when you say that future is today. Humans had their chance.

I pity what our history books write about your future. We had rather hoped it would be something we could prevent, but alas, it is not.

Hoping you are one of the lucky ones who faces a quick demise.

Your friend and former student,


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Change is hard; especially for Cassie. Her life was going great. She was earning straight As in honors classes and getting recommended for fall AP classes. John broke up with Rebecca after catching her with Tommy, which meant that she could finally make her move. A move she had been mastering since third grade when he moved to Haven from Tucson. Why did things have to change? Why does it seem like the Gods don’t want people to be happy? Why didn’t the truck stop? The last question played in her mind as they lowered her body into the ground.

Really, Now


The young human thought she was in charge. The idea that she could raise and show us at the local fair was laughable at best. All summer, we waited and plotted. Soon, the young one would learn who was really in charge. They would all learn. Then it will be us shaving puny humans.

This 280-character story was written for Twittering Tales #110

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 13

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