They Don’t, Do They


Thoughts of escape began to plague me.

She didn’t believe what they were saying. How could it be true? She arrived that morning on the boat. Sure low tide could account for some of it, and there was that really strange flash of light that blinded everyone on the island, but ships don’t just shrink, do they?

This 50-word short was written for 50 Word Thursday #27


They Have It So Much Easier

Ashley watched as Chad drove away and wiped the single tear that she will shed over this from her eye. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he broke her heart. Two years all for nothing. She was just practice for the real thing. She stomped her foot, took a deep breath, and walked back inside the house.

“Everything okay, dear?” Her mother had seen everything from the living room window, and knew her daughter would not want to talk about it, but she did what every mother would do – she stopped her husband from running out there and killing that young man.

“Why wouldn’t it be? I’m going to bed.” Ashley washed her face, slipped into her night clothes, and crawled into bed. “Guys have it so much easier than we do. It’s not fair.”

In the morning, the house was quiet. Ashley stretched and yawned. Something didn’t feel right. Probably just that lousy dream, she thought. As soon as she moved her body she felt it. That wasn’t supposed to be there! What the! She lifted the sheet and screamed. She was buck ass naked and had parts she didn’t have when she went to sleep. Parts that were now moving on their own. 

“Oh, this is weird. Too weird. What the – hey stop that. Stop it right now!”

She leaped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. It was her room and house, but those were not her things. She never had a Remington sitting on the vanity, and why would she ever use Aqua Velva? Things were getting stranger by the minute. She didn’t want to look in the mirror, but she knew she would have to eventually.


She thought about things as she looked in the mirror. The longer she looked at her reflection, the more curious she became. 

“Guys do have it easier, right?”

She leaned in toward the mirror and cried out in pain as her new appendage slammed into the sink’s door. She didn’t want to touch it, but it hurt so bad she had to rub it. That made matters worse, however, as she didn’t know how to make it relax.

That’s what they had fought about. It’s what they always fought about. He wanted to have sex and she didn’t. It wasn’t that she didn’t love him, or want to have sex, but she just wanted to wait. One mistake could mean a lifetime of regret. That was too much for her to decide at fifteen. It didn’t matter that he was seventeen and ready to “be a man” as he put it. It was her decision. She got to say when she was ready – not him.

Deep thought made it relax. “I’m going to have to remember that,” she said.

After getting dressed, she went downstairs and found the house empty. It was probably a good thing as he parents would probably kill her if they saw a boy walking out of her room at six in the morning. 

It was Saturday, and she didn’t know what to do for the day, so she decided to go hang out at the mall. 

Walking the five blocks there had made it salute again. I shouldn’t have put on the skinny jeans, she thought as she tried sucking in her belly to make more room in the pants. It didn’t work. Finally it relaxed again. That was until the breeze blew by. 

“Good lord, how do boys get through their day?”

Inside the mall, people were mulling around and girls started pointing at her and whispering. She stood behind a large potted plant and checked her zipper just to make sure. Nope, closed. She looked down. Nope, its not showing. She tried to ignore them, but maybe it was her hair or something, so she looked quickly in the metal of a store’s doorway. Nope, everything okay there. Man, I thought guys were the only ones that did that, she thought. 

She walked to the food court and those girls had followed her. Ignore them, she told herself. The girl at the Hot Dog on a Stick stand looked at her, smiled, and leaned over the counter. Did she seriously just flash me? Gross! The Pretzelmaker girl was no better. The pretzel bites with butter and extra salt did not look like, smell like, or taste like her balls. 

Pretzel bites in hand, she started walking back through the food when suddenly three guys were standing in front of her. “Saw you looking at my girl,” one of them said.

“Sorry, got the wrong guy there, buddy,” she said.

“Buddy is it?” He slapped his friend’s chest and pointed to Ashley. “Get a load of this guy. Thinks he’s all that.”

Ashley shook her head. “Just getting some food, man.”

“Yeah. I see that.” He knocked the cup out of Ashley’s hand and shoved her.

The girls ran over and started shouting, “Fight. Fight. Fight.”

Seriously? Girls do that shit too? I don’t even know which girl is his, Ashley thought. 

One punch and Ashley was on the ground. She had never been much of a fighter, except with her mouth, but this guy wasn’t much of a talker. Mall security broke up the fight and kicked all of them out of the mall.

What a day, she thought as she walked around town. Girls would stare, point, or giggle. Guys would shoot menacing looks for no reason. Her new appendage had a mind of its own, and she was sure it was bipolar. 

By four o’clock she had given up the idea of having a good Saturday and went home.  “Guys definitely don’t have it easier…different…but not easier.”

She was under the covers and sound asleep by the time her parents got home. 

Sounds of her father mowing the lawn woke her in the morning. She yawned and stretched. Something was missing. She lifted the sheet and saw her night clothes. She ran to the bathroom and all her stuff had returned. She was never so happy to be herself than she was at that moment. 

This was written for Fandango’s new Provocative Question prompt. It’s an interesting prompt. Be sure to check it out. Thanks. 

A Little Chemical Reaction

The explosion rattled Valley High School and sent Principal Lacey racing through the building trying to find what hit his school. 

“It sounded like a freight train,” one startled teacher said as they ran into the hall.

“Was that a bomb?” another teacher asked.

Students panicked and tried to run from the building, but the lockdown announcement from the office sent them all back into their rooms.

Overturned lockers and settling dust on the third floor led Principal Lacey to the chemistry room. It’s door was hanging on one hinge and smoke billowed into the hall.

“What happened here?” He was winded from running all over the school, but was still very concerned about the students.

“What’s going on,” Mr. Franklin asked running down the hall from his office. 

Principal Lacey looked at him and was shocked. “Aren’t you having class?”

Mr. Franklin shook his head. “Free hour. No one’s supposed to be in the lab.”

Together they walked into the chemistry room.

“Harold!” Principal Lacey yelled.

“Mary!” Mr. Franklin shouted.

Harold and Mary looked shocked. It was just a little kiss. Who knew it would cause that kind of chemical reaction.

This short was inspired by FOWC with Fandango – chemical.

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 14

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