Go To Extremes

Some days I feel like I am living in Billy Joel’s song I Go to Extremes.

Some days I have so much energy I can’t sit still and when I do I feel like I am still going a hundred miles an hour. Words pour in and out as if I were in a torrential downpour. The problem is that there is no direction – no need for one.

Other days I zone out on the couch until I realize my entire day is gone and its time to walk to the bus to meet my son.

I started this blog a little over six months and passed 1000 posts this week. I was going to make a celebratory post, but that moment passed without me realizing it. If you are curious, my 1000th post was Keeper of the Doors – Chapter 2. 

One problem with going to extremes is that emotions seem to run high and fast as well. When I have energy, I am happy – I am, but I am also quick to anger (I do control it when my son’s home) but this new Gutenberg system is driving me nuts. I hate that it goes back two spaces if you have a space + a letter, then delete the letter. That is usually when I make mistakes, which means every post is taking me twice as long because I always end up with two words strung together. FRUSTRATING!

I only wished my energy extended to doing housework…lol.

Anyways….enjoy this video.


9 thoughts on “Go To Extremes

  1. I blog exclusively on my iPhone and, so far, both in the iOS app and in WordPress.com, via the Safari browser, I haven’t had to deal with the new Gutenberg editor, but from what people are saying about it so far, I’m glad it hasn’t come to the iPhone yet.

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      1. I have a charging case for my iPhone, so when my battery gets low, I activate the charging case and it’s all good. It does add some size and weight to the device, but it’s worth it to not have to worry about battery life.

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  2. Wow, a thousand posts. That too, in six months. That’s amazing, Teresa. I started my blog well over three years ago, and I’m yet to cross the 200 limit. 😂 I’m not a fan of the new editor either. 😪 I couldn’t even find an option to copy and edit from an existing post. The old one is way, way better. I wonder who thought this new one would be better!

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