What Was It?

The smell of freshly popped pop corn floated upstairs and tickled Jeff’s nose. He rubbed it with the back of his hand and turned the page. The corners of his mouth twitched, but he resisted. He licked his lips and turned the page again. There was no escaping a grin this time. His heart pounded in his chest as the smell of bacon crept under his door. Jeff’s nose twitched as his eyes veered off the page toward the door. His stomach growled, but he simply turned the page again. Eyes wide, drool dripping out one side of his mouth, he panted. His nose twitched and instinct took over. The smell of pizza drove the fifteen-year-old out of his room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

A door slowly opened and a man slid down the hallway and turned into Jeff’s room.

Downstairs Jeff scarfed three slices of pizza, a half a slab of bacon, and an entire bowl of popcorn before the man entered the kitchen.

As if ordered by some unheard voice, Jeff rose from the table and, without a word, returned to the confines of his room.

“Well?” Jeff’s mother asked the man.

He stood in the kitchen and scratched his head. His befuddled face made her chuckle. “It was a computer magazine.”

“Huh?” It was her turn to look befuddled.

He nodded and picked up a piece of pizza. “He’s spent four hours drooling over a computer magazine.”

“What are we going to do with that boy?” She sat at the table and ate a slice of pizza.

“Hope that he gets a girlfriend?”

“Or a boyfriend.”

“Whatever. I’d even settle for an alien.”

She laughed.


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