It’s The Sudden Stop That’ll Get You

“What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?” Jason asked. 

“It won’t dear. Now eat your breakfast.”

“But, Mom,” Jason said as he scooped the horseshoe marshmallow out of the bowl. “The movie–“

“Jason. How did I know letting you watch that movie was a bad idea.”

“What was a bad idea?” his father asked as he walked into the kitchen. “Morning, all.”

“Letting your son watch that movie last night.”

Alec looked at her and grinned. He really had thought the movie would bore Jason after a few minutes. He hadn’t expected him to stay up for the whole thing.

“What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning, Dad?”

Alec sighed and looked at Jason. “Well, I guess we would all freeze to death eventually.”

Jessica tutted and tapped her foot. Alex shot her a ‘what was I supposed to say’ look. “That’s not right, Jason. You’re Dad’s just joking, aren’t you.”

“Yeah, that’s right, ha ha, just joking.”

Jason looked at his parents and wrinkled his eyebrows. “But, that can’t be right. Mr. Franklin said the Earth was spinning at a thousand miles an hour.”

Alec thought about that for a minute, “Sounds about right. So?”

“When I was riding my bike last week and fell off, you said I flew past my bike because I was travelling the same speed as my bike when it stopped suddenly.”

“Yeah, that’s what happens.”

“Well, then aren’t we spinning at a thousand miles an hour too?”

“Yeah.” Alec looked at Jessica for help, but she was now thinking about it too. 

“Wait, if we’re travelling a thousand miles an hour and the Earth was suddenly stopped…” Jessica looked at the refrigerator in front of her. “Then does that mean –“

“SPLAT!” Jason yelled as he hit a marshmallow with the back of his spoon and drowned it.

Together As One

Two hearts beating, forbidden love affair.

Embraced from afar, undetected heart song.

He was brave, she was fearful.

She was strong, he was subservient.

Final plight, flee in the night.

Together at last, two hands clasped.

Bugles and horns, sound the call.

Together they run, never be parted.

High cliff, water below, no escape.

His family loses, her family loses.

Two hearts forever beating as one.