After Dessert

The game started right after dessert and had been going on for a solid four hours. Mary watched from the sidelines and shook her head now and then as she glanced at her watch. Matt had lost interest ten minutes in, but didn’t want to say anything. At the ninety minute mark, he tried to throw the game, but it backfired. Chris was having a blast though and kept loosing track of the turns he was laughing so hard. 

Matt stretched his leg out and rubbed under his aching knee. He was getting too old to sit on the floor like that for so long, but he didn’t have the heart to stop the game out right like his father had. The longer the game continued, the more his mind wandered to his own childhood. The many lonely nights while his father worked late, or spent time with his mistress. The countless wishes he had made on the wishing star that something would change. It never did. Not until he met Mary his first year in college. She changed his life, and so did Chris. Chris meant so much to him he treasured these moments, and hoped that one day Chris would sit on the floor and play with his children.

“DAD!” Chris screamed with glee. 

Matt looked at the cards on the table and grinned. “I’ll get you this time. One.”

“Two.” Chris leaned in close.


“WAR!” Chris screamed.


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