I Won’t, I Won’t, I Won’t – A reader quiz

So, A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip wrote a post today about John Wayne, and I know that a lot of people still love him and his movies, but my gut reaction was “Good Lord, why. He was such a vile human being” and it got me to thinking (scary thought there)…

  • What author will you just refuse to read and why?
  • What actor/actress will you refuse to watch and why?
  • Is there an eatery you refuse to go to?
  • What is something you hate that others might find odd?

As for me, my answers would be:

  • I will not read Bentley Little. I actually liked him up until 2002 when The Collection was published. The story, Life with Father, is just foul. It tells about a father who is obsessed with recycling and his daughters. Now, the father doesn’t just recycle paper, and plastic…you know the normal kind of recycling. He makes the girls recycle their pee, poo, clothes, food, and his sperm. Yep, you read that right. The story is about an incestuous **** who rapes and impregnates his own daughters. When they give birth, the offspring are deformed and the family calls them their pets. To this day I refuse to also read Stephen King because he highly recommended Little and this book.
  • This is a harder one for me because I rarely ever judge actors based on their roles (my mother on the other hand refuses to watch anything with Jason Alexander in it because of his role as Stucky in Pretty Woman). I think the most I could narrow it down to is teenage sex movies — you know the kind, American Pie, American Pie 2, etc. Those movies that seem to have the same type of cast in them whose sole purpose is to get laid.
  • I don’t go out to eat much, but I refuse to eat at Jack-in-the-Box. One time in the 80s, my mother and I were on Greyhound for some reason, it was probably on one of her “I’m getting back with him/no I’m not trips” and the bus stopped at a Jack-in-the-Box. She made me stay on the bus while she went and got the food. When she got back and we drove off, she told me to eat and the hamburger was still mooing — I mean the entire bun was bloody mooing. She got mad at me (obviously I had something to do with it), but I refused to eat, which made her even more mad because she had spent money on it. Half the bus arrived to our destination with food poisoning. This was before the outbreak in the early 90s that killed all those people, but I will never forget it and I will never eat there as long as I live.
  • Many people would find it odd that I dislike (hate is a very strong word), chocolate. There is only one time I like it, and that is in a chocolate cream pie. No cake, no cookies, no doughnuts, no candy bars, nope…I just dislike chocolate. Always have. My son is like that too except he loves Peanut Butter M&Ms, which obviously has chocolate. 

10 thoughts on “I Won’t, I Won’t, I Won’t – A reader quiz

  1. Interesting!

    I wish I had time to do more research about all the things I purchase and consume in various ways. Earlier this year I became disgusted with Facebook and deleted my account (FB, Messenger, Instagram). Partly it was to reclaim my time, but also I believe Mark Z is a lying creep.

    People will say… but so&so lies too. The head of XYZ company is also creepy. Yeah, true. But I can only do so much. I’m comfortable with my decision… plus I did free up a ton of time.

    I won’t read Nicholas Sparks because I think he’s a bad writer and contributes to bad writing being “out there.”

    I won’t read writers who are currently antisemitic or racist, but I’m more flexible with dead writers. People just used to be more ignorant imo. There is no excuse now. I can’t think of any living examples right now.

    Same with movies/actors. Since I never was much of a John Wayne fan, I don’t know how bad he was bc I didn’t read about him before. I know he was a Republican lol ~ our airport here in BLUE WAVE ORANGE COUNTY is named for him.

    I would like to point out for anyone who may not be aware that Orange County, California is now ALL BLUE! Blue blue blue!!!!! Yes, the same Orange County “where Republicans go to die” has just given the finger to Trump.

    What were we talking about again? 😂

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    1. John Wayne said in a Playboy interview that the Native Americans were selfish since they had all this land and didn’t want to share and that we were right it taking it (paraphrased). He also did not believe in African Americans having the right to vote, or in diversity in Hollywood. A lot of places are slowly turning blue, or purple as they now call it. I hate to see how much they are going to “redistrict” for the 2020 elections.

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  2. I think the beauty of our world today and of course we still have a long way to go, is that the yesterdays or the history of our world is where we see our mistakes, and we should learn from them. The whole point to there being a history is to move on from it, using it as the landmark of what is acceptable and what is not, or what works and what doesn’t.

    My Father was every bad thing you could imagine in terms of traits and behaviours – as an example – he was sexist, chauvinistic, racist, homophobic, technophobic and the list honestly went on and on – he was antiquated and old fashioned. He was also a wife beater. Now l vowed long ago when l was younger to NOT be anything like him in so far as the way he was. He and l share other common traits through genetics and l also share some of my Mother’s traits. But Dad’s behaviour was learned from his father and that went backwards as far as you imagine almost to the dawn of time. Dad’s biggest problem or issue was that he was ignorant and arrogant – he refused to see another view point as he believed he was always right.

    Have l followed in my Father’s footsteps? No, because l learned from his bad behaviours that he was not the man l wanted to be, ever and at all. I learned therefore from my history.

    With every generation we move forwards, using the past as our guide of what is not acceptable. Your example here is of John Wayne and l respect how you feel about him, but he was of another time, he was of my Father’s time and we have moved on – l agree still some don’t, but many of us do and have.

    In so far as the rest of the questions – l really can’ t think of anything that l boycott to those – although l boycott other things like Unsustainable palm oil, which is a big thing with me. With regards books, well l never go out of my way to read authors l don’t like admittedly, but am open to another’s view point even in literature.

    I think this is a very interesting post by the way.

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    1. I think your father and my family would have gotten along splendidly lol. I can see your point and definitely agree on some points, and would have agree more a few years ago. I know things in the UK are heading in a very bigoted direction again, but the US is on the expressway. Everything we had gained over the last thirty years is gone. It is the world of extremes and everyone seems to be crawling out of the woodwork now that they feel they have a voice that is important. I was never one to hold the past to today’s standards – you can’t. But, as you say, we should learn from the past. We just have a leader that promotes the past and everything he thinks it stood for (which is a lot of what your father stood for). The past doesn’t change, but how we address it does. Wayne was called out many times in his day for his beliefs but also put on a pedestal for them. Much like Charleston Heston.

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  3. I’ve never cared for bloody gore or unnecessary nudity in films. Now it seems men are doing more nude shots, but really, I like the subtle approach. Not everyone walks around in the nude. I have never liked the actor Kevin Spacey and now there’s a scandal about him. There are certain actors and actresses I just don’t enjoy seeing. It seems there’s a scandal about everyone for something. The only one that gets away with it is Trump.

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  4. 1. One author whose books I will never buy again is George RR Martin. I bought his first book Songs of Fire and Ice in 2003 and avidly read the following four follow ups in the series. He than wrote the series for HBO “Game of Thrones”. Since than he has not followed up with the book series and the plot of the TV series has overtaken the book series. His latest book was published today which I view as advertising, promotional material for a new series he hopes to write for HBO. But he has yet to finish the book version of Songs of Ice and Fire.

    2. Actor I refuse to watch is Adam Sandler. I just don’t think he’s funny.

    3. Eateries I refuse to visit. In Canada there are two eateries :Philthy McNasties” and ” Crabby Joes”. The names put me off.

    4. I don’t like noise. It makes me cringe. I love it when it’s absolutely quiet and I can’t hear a thing. Though I do love bird song and classical music.

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