The Hat

The hat had certainly seen better days. One thousand four hundred and sixty days was a long time to wear a hat. Oh the adventures they had together though. The sunny days, torrential rain storms, freezing wind, and blustery snow had forged a partnership that could never be broken. Until the door bell rang. A newcomer had arrived. Displaced. Depressed. How could such a friendship end like that? Tossed out with the leftovers. The hat remained outside until the morning when the trash man came. He pulled out the hat, looked at it, hit it against his thigh, and threw it into the cab of the truck. “My kid will like a hat like that.”

Elmo and Patsy’s Thanksgiving

Elmo and Patsy’s children’s couldn’t come this year, which was secretly fine with them. That meant they could sit in their pajamas all day and Patsy didn’t have to worry about taking her curlers out. Hungry Man TV Dinners and old reruns of Hee Haw was a perfect way to spend their holiday.

After dinner Elmo put on some Christmas music and Patsy sang along while putting up the Christmas tree. Early season egg nog (with a hint of something special) hit the spot and topped the evening off perfectly. 

That was until someone knocked on the door.

Elmo answered it, since he was the only one partially respectable at the moment, but there wasn’t anyone there. He stepped outside to look around, but his foot hit something hard that had been left on the front porch.

“Oh no!”

“What is it, Elmo? What’s wrong?”

He leaned down and picked the package up with a horrified look on his face. It couldn’t be. It wouldn’t be. He was sure it was though.

He went back inside the house and held the package up for Patsy to see.

“Oh no!” she screamed. “Why, Elmo? Why would someone do that?”

Elmo shook his head. It had been such a lovely day, he couldn’t believe anyone would ruin like that. Why! Why would someone give another person fruit cake on Thanksgiving!

Grace’s Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie baked by yours truly

Grace offered her kitchen to her granddaughters so that they could host their first Thanksgiving as the cooks. It was a beautiful meal. Fat, crispy-skinned turkey, pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, waldorf salad, home-baked rolls, and home-made stuffing. Feeding twenty-two people a Thanksgiving feast at thirteen was no easy feat. 

She was so happy to host the entire family again. It had been years since everyone had gathered together. Grace didn’t want the day to end, but it must.

When everyone said their goodbyes, Grace wiped the tears from her eyes, and decided to see if there was any pie left in the kitchen.

“Oh my goodness!” Grace’s jaw dropped as she walked into the kitchen. The girls sure could cook, but… “I have never seen such a mess!”