The Watcher

The man stood against the building and pulled his collar closer. He rubbed the goosebumps on his shivering arms and wished his work would take him to the beach for a change. Instead, there he stood, in the middle of a blizzard. Waiting. Watching. The more he stood there, the more he hated his job.

“Finally,” he said.

A young woman stepped out of the house and shivered as a gust of snow blasted her face. Days like this made her wish she was laying on a beach somewhere where the drinks came with little colored umbrellas. She cursed her job and the weather as she started down the street toward the bus stop.

The man followed her through the snow. He had to do it before she reached the main street if he was going to do it at all. If he didn’t, though, there was no reason to go back home – his life would be over.

“Breath,” he told himself. “It’s easy. Pull it out, and just do it.”

He picked up his pace until he was just behind her. “Jessica!” he yelled though the wind.

She turned around and looked down. Her brow creased in confusion as a small man dressed in green tights and a red and green jacket ran up to her and threw a candy cane at her. “What?”

The man was gone in the blink of an eye. She stooped and picked up the candy cane. She looked around and was secretly relieved to find that the storm was so bad, she couldn’t even see the houses across the street. 

Jessica looked at the candy cane. “Huh,” said said. “Naughty list,” she said twisting the cane in her hand. She chuckled, shook her head, and popped the candy cane in her mouth. She didn’t want to miss her bus.


Top 100 – Christmas Songs Voting

Need your holiday song votes over at Rory & Doodlepips place!

A Guy Called Bloke



Top 100 – Christmas Songs Voting

First we asked for suggestions, and those we received, now l am asking for your votes on those very suggestions. During the December Challenge these 100 songs will roll out over the course of the competition period, building up to the Top Ten songs for Christmas/December 2018.

Now please cast your votes for your favourites from those listed. Don’t be shy, look through them all and tell me the ones you like the most. If you only really like one song, but also like others, don’t just tell me that ONE song, tell me them all, so we can build up a good voting list.

I have numbered them if that makes your voting easier.

Please feel free to share this to your blogs, as they say the more the merrier. This post will be reblogged from today till December 5th.

This list…

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Flood Of Emotions

She never expected it to be like this. A flood of emotions crashed through her, ripping out her soul. It was his already, though. Every ounce of her being belonged to him. His tender touch. Warm, safe, calming blue eyes. Mischievous curve of his mouth. He was perfect. He was meant for her, and she him. She knew he was the one. 

“I’ll take him,” she told the pet store clerk.

This short was inspired by FOWC with Fandango – flood

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 25

Welcome to the Daily Writing Challenge

Everyday at 6am CST, I will post one picture and three words that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. What you produce is up to you. It can be a story, poem, art — anything everything goes. Just see where the muse takes you and take us along with you.

You do not need to use both the words and the picture. Use any part of the challenge that ignites your creativity.

Participating is simple: follow the muse, create a post, and either link back to this post as a pingback or post the link to your post in the comment section.

* Please remember that pingbacks are approved manually (and don’t always work).

Today’s Prompts

depth, fury, darkness