Top 100 – Christmas Songs Voting

Need your holiday song votes over at Rory & Doodlepips place!

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!



Top 100 – Christmas Songs Voting

First we asked for suggestions, and those we received, now l am asking for your votes on those very suggestions. During the December Challenge these 100 songs will roll out over the course of the competition period, building up to the Top Ten songs for Christmas/December 2018.

Now please cast your votes for your favourites from those listed. Don’t be shy, look through them all and tell me the ones you like the most. If you only really like one song, but also like others, don’t just tell me that ONE song, tell me them all, so we can build up a good voting list.

I have numbered them if that makes your voting easier.

Please feel free to share this to your blogs, as they say the more the merrier. This post will be reblogged from today till December 5th.

This list…

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