B – Six beautiful bouncing babes in bikinis.
I – Twenty ingenious idiots intensely watching the iditarod in an igloo.
N – Free nasty nutella nuggets on naan.
G – Forty-six grazing geese gobbling down goldenrod.
O – Sixty-nine orchestra interludes obstructing obnoxious overtures.

What’s your BINGO card entries? 


Was It Too Early

Maybelle stepped back and admired her handiwork. Two days of pushing and pulling the branches of her artificial Christmas tree. One entire day spent sorting through dozens of ornament boxes to pick out just the right ones, and another whole day finding the best spot for each bulb. The dancing lights lit her front room. She clapped with glee. This was going to be a perfect holiday for the family.

She woke early the next morning and groggily fussed with her tea kettle. While waiting for the water to boil, she flipped through her recipe cards and pulled out some that Susan and Lloyd might like to help with while they visited. Just the thought of her grandchildren visiting brought a smile to her face.

A knock on the door made her squeal. “They’re here!” She rushed to the door and threw it open.

“Grandma! Grandma!” the kids yelled as they hugged her.

“Morning, Mom,” Vanessa said, bringing in the kids’ bags. She paused in the living room doorway and dropped both the bags and her jaw. “Mom?”

“Yes, hun?”

“Um, you put up the Christmas tree?”

Maybelle wrapped her arms around her daughter and smiled. “Doesn’t it look lovely this year?”

“Well, yeah, Mom. It looks great, but…”

“But what?”

“But it’s July Fourth.”

Holiday Coma

David pushed his key into the door and turned the lock. The old bell rang as he pushed it open. A loud yawn greeted him instead of the usual “Morning, Sir.”

None of the bakers seemed to be their normal happy, energetic selves. He shook his head. “Should have just closed today too,” he muttered as he walked through the empty store.

“Sorry, boss,” Emily said between yawns. “I’ll wake up soon.”

David took one look at the drowsy bakers slumped over prep tables and Hobart mixers and sighed. “Go home everyone and sleep off your holiday coma,” he said as he left the store. “Be here bright and early tomorrow.”

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 26

Welcome to the Daily Writing Challenge

Everyday at 6am CST, I will post one picture and three words that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. What you produce is up to you. It can be a story, poem, art — anything everything goes. Just see where the muse takes you and take us along with you.

You do not need to use both the words and the picture. Use any part of the challenge that ignites your creativity.

Participating is simple: follow the muse, create a post, and either link back to this post as a pingback or post the link to your post in the comment section.

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Today’s Prompts

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