Page 7, Line 5

Time for fun again! If you haven’t played this before, grab your closest book, turn to page seven, and scroll down to line 5. Use that line as inspiration for a post. You can use it as it is written (like I do) or use it simply as inspiration. Most important thing is to have fun!

“In the sudden silence, I heard his grandmother say,” 

Mary Downing Hahn, Closed for the Season

I never liked Jacob’s house. It was old, stuffy, and smelled like Icy Hot. He had the best game room in the basement though, which is why you could find me there every day after school. 

It was Friday and we were starting our winter break in style – pizza, soda, and video games. Halfway through our latest round of CS:GO I had to go to the bathroom so bad I just dropped the controller and ran for the toilet. When I slammed the door, it made part of the basement wall crumble to the floor. Jacob was staring at it worried that he was going to get in trouble when I got out. 

“Oh, man. I’ll own up to it. It was my fault.”

We walked over to the wall and couldn’t believe our eyes. There was something in the wall. We couldn’t resist and started breaking the hole more.

“What is it?” Jacob asked as I pulled it out.

“I don’t know. It’s your house. Why would they put a cool looking cabinet in the wall?”

It was an awesome wood cabinet with all kinds of carvings in it. There was a little lock that was all rusted and broke as soon as I touched it. 

“Open it,” Jacob said.

Man, if I thought the outside was cool, it was nothing compared to the inside. There were all kinds of trinkets and weird stuff sitting inside on little shelves. The creepiest thing though was a baby tooth wrapped in hair. 

As soon as I opened the cabinet and started looking through it, the room got real cold and we could see our breath. It was also super quiet – like someone sucked all the sounds out of the room.

Jacob’s Grandmother walked down the stairs and gasped when she saw the cabinet and hole in the wall. In the sudden silence, I heard his grandmother say, “Why would you let the dybbuk out?”

I had never heard of a dybbuk and I wish I had never learned.


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