A Great Day For Sledding

Three days of snow left the woods of Gobbler Hollow covered with a blanket of white, fluffy snow. Just perfect for sledding.

Sammy leaped out of bed shouting and barreled down the stairs into the kitchen.

His mother laughed as she set three dollar pancakes onto his plate. “Why are you so happy today?” She winked at his father.

“Did you see?” Sammy said, pouring warm maple syrup over his pancakes. 

“See what?” his father asked over the top of his newspaper.

“Ta smoo.” Sammy tried talking with a full mouth but it didn’t work.

His parents couldn’t resist chuckling. Sammy finished his pancakes, gulped his milk, and dashed back upstairs to get dressed. It didn’t matter what the weather was outside, he was going sledding.

Sammy barreled down the stairs five minutes later, flung the closet door open, and grabbed his sled. Out the door he flew, running for the top of the hill where all his friends would be waiting for him.


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