Three Things

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip poised the following questions, so I thought I would answer them – cause answering questions is always fun 🙂

Name three things –

  • That you cannot under any circumstances live without ? – Air, food, water
  • That you write about every week? – that, that, and nothing
  • That you wouldn’t recommend doing whilst holding one foot in the air? going to the bathroom, kicking a football, denying you’re drunk to an officer
  • That you say to people every day? Hey, do your homework, good job
  • To do with your street? police cars, loose dogs, cat fights
  • That you can eat with brown sauce? We don’t have brown sauce in the US, but I think it’s close to A1 – so steaks, burgers, roast beef
  • You like about your favourite bloggers? – posts, likes, comments 
  • That you don’t eat every week? eggs, meat, fresh fruits and veggies – who can afford those things.
  • That you wished you could eat every day? breakfast, lunch, dinner (I eat one meal every other day so son can eat daily)
  • About your favourite pair of shoes that you like? That they’re shoes, no holes, long-lasting (not that I have a pair like that)
  • That annoyingly always arrive in three? deaths, bills, breakdowns
  • About books you really don’t like? gratuitous sex, token anything, no story line


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