Daily Writing Challenge, Dec 3

Welcome to the Daily Writing Challenge

Everyday at 6am CST, I will post a prompt that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. What you produce is up to you. It can be a story, poem, art — anything everything goes. Just see where the muse takes you and take us along with you.

Participating is simple: follow the muse, create a post, and either link back to this post as a pingback or post the link to your post in the comment section. Please use the tag THWD.

* Please remember that pingbacks are approved manually (and don’t always work).

Today’s Prompt:

The traveling circus has come to town. The circus marches elephants and monkeys up the main dirt road that runs through town toward the open lot where they are setting up the tents. Snake handlers, people on stilts, and even the bearded lady are there handing out fliers as they walk past.

Your challenge for today is to take us to that circus. What kind of circus it is really? What acts do we see? Is everything as it first appeared, or is the circus just a facade?

The choice is yours, just have fun and follow the muse 🙂


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