Daily Three Things

Rory’s at it again today with his three things. Today’s topics and my answers are:

Things that every person should do at least once in their life? Quit a job they dislike (its so liberating), say “no”, and dance like no one is watching.

Harry Potter Films? Order of the Phoenix, Deathly Hollows, Chamber of Secrets

Things that are flat and green?  Trump’s favorite golf hole, a moldy coin, money

Things that IMP is short for? Immature Male President, Immaterial Minuscule Penis, Impeachment Meetings Proceeding

Flightless bird species? Ostrich, emu, penguin

Things you are doing today that you’ll not be doing tomorrow? dying (I mean, hey you can only die once), answering this question, laundry

Foods that taste foul to you? eggs, olives, mushrooms

Things that are bright? Clothes from the 80s, summer sun, bleached teeth

Things that are bouncy? Um…how to put this…a well-endowed woman, bouncy balls, my checkbook

Things that are sharp but are not knives? Tales from the Mind of Kristian’s wit, Trump’s tongue, Melania’s eyes

Things that you are thankful for? Air, water, food

Animals that start with the letter Z? Zebra, zebu, zebra shark

Countries that you would love to visit? England, Scotland, Netherlands

Of the craziest things you have ever done? I don’t really do crazy things

Things that you would like to write about but haven’t? I write about most things.

Items on your bucket list? Visit Scotland, go back to Las Vegas and grab a buffet, traditionally publish a book

Bad habits of today’s society? Not thinking, lazy (I mean let’s face it, how much original innovation are we really doing), buying into mob mentality.


10 thoughts on “Daily Three Things

  1. I don’t do ‘porn’ but can one really view sex as “a form of stress relief” solely? If so, I fear someone is not doing something right… 😉

    Great answers Teresa. I came straight out and said “my girls’ for bouncy. I’m just not that shy I suppose…. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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