Queen of Questions, Dec 10

Everyday at 9 AM CST I will post a set of questions. Should you choose to participate and answer the questions, you can post your answers in the comments below, or create a post (tag it THWQ please).

Today’s Questions:

  1. What is your favorite number?
  2. Standing at a buffet with an empty plate and bowl, what do you fill it with?
  3. What smell do you associate with December?
  4. What literary character would be your significant other?
  5. What book are you looking forward to reading next year?
  6. Which Star Trek character are you?
  7. What is your favorite cracker?
  8. Would you rather:
    1. eat raw fish or eat raw beef
    2. paint a picture or take a picture
    3. read a book or watch a movie
    4. go to bed early or get up early
    5. visit New York City or visit Las Vegas


8 thoughts on “Queen of Questions, Dec 10

  1. 1. Number 7
    2. Food (haha)
    3. Pine
    4. Captain Jack Sparrow
    5. I can’t say… I hardly ever read.
    6. None of the above. I’m not a Trek fan.
    7. Ritz
    8. A) raw beef
    . B) take a picture
    C) watch a movie
    D) Go to bed early so I can get up early
    E) Neither… I can people that much

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