Fandango’s prompt today, magical, should be easy. The world is filled with magical things…movies bring us zombies, vampires, monsters galore, books too, yet are they really magical? Harry Potter centers around a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, yet that isn’t what makes it magical. 

Magical is the feeling produced by other people. Hell, just living with other people is magical. The fact we haven’t killed each other yet is magical. 

The amount of human stupidity is magical considering how many people, proving they are stupid, are using a tool that could remedy their stupidity. I really think if I hear one more word about the supposed $150 million the US “gave” to Iran I am going to scream. 

It is magical that no amount of legitimate proof can alter someone’s beliefs. 

It’s magical that we, as a race, have managed to live thousands of years, build great cities, create rhyme and reason to the world around us, yet insist on proving everyday that we are collective dumbasses. 

It is magical that anything gets done with everyone talking and no one listening because they don’t like what is being said. 

It is truly magical that we continue bringing children into this world; however, that is the true magic. The fact that life changes with each generation. 

The magic of one generation is fading and another is igniting. 


Finish the Story, Dec #4

The Snow Angel

Harriet loved the Christmas season. Everything went up Thanksgiving evening and didn’t come down until New Years Eve. People could see her Christmas tree from the other end of the block. 

This year, Harriet’s theme was the snow angel. Her tree was flocked with white, glistening snow and decorated with cherubs and angels of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Tiny angels surrounded snowmen on the mantle and Santa even had a young angel girl riding in the sleigh with him, while Mrs. Claus entertained a Snow Angel Brownie troop back at the North Pole.

Her house was filled with Christmas music and everywhere she looked, there was joy. Everywhere except in her heart. No one knew how lonely Harriet was and how much she longed for company. Oh, neighbors would stop at the door when caroling and families would wave as they walked past, but none came to visit.

Two weeks before Christmas a snowstorm struck the town and left behind nearly a foot of snow. Mr. Chen and Mr. Howard were kind enough to snowplow the neighborhood’s sidewalk. They salted the main walk and all the way up to Harriet’s door. 

“Thank you, gentlemen,” she said as they tossed a final handful of salt on her porch. “Would you like to come in for hot chocolate?”

The two men smiled and made their apologies for not having time, and went on their way. Harriet understood, but was saddened just the same. She closed her front door and went into the kitchen to pour herself a cup. While looking out the back window, she gasped. 

“Well, I wonder who made that,” she said. “It’s a perfect snow angel.”

She looked around for footprints, but there were none. Just a perfect little angel in the snow.

To continue the story, I am picking on Tales from the Mind of Kristian.


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