Queen of Questions, Dec 18

These are still fun even if no one participates and even if I forget to answer them the next day…oops.

Today’s questions are:

  1. Who is your favorite existentialist writer?
  2. You find a mysterious package under your tree marked “from Your Fairy Godmother”…what’s in it?
  3. What is your favorite brunch menu?
  4. Who would you like to see in concert (living or dead)?
  5. Do you prefer literary fiction or commercial fiction?
  6. What is your favorite seasonal flavoring?
  7. You need to make a gingerbread house, how do you decorate it?
  8. You have to dress as the opposite sex…what do you wear?
  9. What is one piece of furniture that you can’t live without?
  10. If you can only have a non-standard pet (no dog, cat, fish, bird, etc.), what do you choose to have?
  11. What is your favorite aquatic lifeform?
  12. Are aliens real?
  13. What is your best anti-Trump slogan?
  14. What is your best for-Trump slogan?
  15. If you could swap any two world leaders, who would you swap and why?
  16. You have a bun…what do you put on it?

10 thoughts on “Queen of Questions, Dec 18

  1. 😦 I’m sorry nobody is answering these….maybe it will pick up after Christmas. But you may rest assured (and have a long winter’s nap I’m hoping. Insomnia sucks) that I will answer all of them every time you put them up (providing I’m not too sick to sit at the keyboard). ❤ Happiest of Holidays Teresa….YOU'RE AWESOME!!! 😀

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