Last Follow Friday of 2018

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Friday already. This week has flown by. It’s also the last Friday in 2018! Before you head out for a weekend of celebrating the new year, be sure to check out these great bloggers! Stop by their place for a hot chocolate, iced tea, or maybe even a nip of gin.

This week’s Follow Friday List:

  1. Suziland too or obsolete childhood
  2. Fresh Hell
  3. Books in Her Eyes
  4. JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer
  5. Ladyleemanila
  6. Let me tell you a story of …
  7. Lit Lemon
  8. Welcome to Our Campfire
  9. Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo
  10. Willowdot21
  11. John’s Notes
  12. Stoneronarollercoaster
  13. This, That, and The Other
  14. Another Book in the Wall
  15. Poetry for Healing
  16. A Creative PTSD Gal
  17. Life Lessons
  18. Blackwings666
  19. The Story Files
  20. Crushed Caramel


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