Safe and Happy

Alice laid on the soft forest floor and waited for nightfall. As the moon rose, and peeked over the hill, the forest came alive. One by one, the night flowers began to glow and call the fairies home for the night. Adults only saw butterflies, but Alice saw things for what they were.

The forest was happy, alive, and best of all, safe. Her step-father’s voice echoed through the forest looking for her. She shuddered. Only she saw his true monstrous form.

As he stepped into the grove where she laid, his lips curled over his fangs as he sneered. The forest did not like her step-father, and it did not like monsters creeping around it at night.

By morning, Alice’s mother, wracked with worry, ventured into the forest looking for her daughter and husband only to find a field of butterflies hovering over a patch of daisies and a new fur coat.

This was inspired by Butterfly.


What Was In The Bag?

It was nine o’clock on a Saturday night and the night crew of Farmer Brown’s Nut Company were operating under a code red. Not a single employee knew what to do. The only member of management left on deck was the nineteen-year-old nephew of the company owner, who hadn’t looked up from his phone all day until the sirens blared.

“Have you found any?” the foreman asked his line managers.

Ten people shook their heads. They had scoured the shop floor, the basement, and one brave soul even ventured into the centuries old attic filled with spiders, bats, and probably more than a few dead bodies, but still nothing had turned up.

“What’s all the racket,” the manager asked.

“We’re out of seasoning.”


The foreman sighed and pretended he was speaking to one of his children. “No seasoning. No nuts. No money.”

The last part got through. “NO MONEY!”

The foreman nodded.

“Oh, man, this isn’t good. What are we going to do? We have to get the order ready for delivery in the morning.”

Workers shook their head. Everyone missed the old management. This kid knew nothing about business or anything. That’s why they stuck him on the night shift. Rather than addressing the problem, the manager buried himself back in his phone and returned to his office. The foreman and crew returned to looking all over for spare seasoning. This would have never happened before.

Thirty minutes later, the manager reappeared from him office and went to the plant’s front door.

“Thanks, man. You’re a life saver.”

The manager waved to his friend and returned to the shop floor with a lunch sack.

“Here. Put this in the seasoning bin and get the order filled.”

The foreman looked at the sack and back to the manager in disbelief. Still, it wasn’t his job. Maybe this was the gift the crew had been waiting for. No way whatever was in the bag would last for the entire order. It would be his job, not theirs when the order doesn’t go out.

He dumped the rainbow sprinkles into the shaker and started the production line. Everyone had expected the peanuts to come out dry after just a few seconds, but four hours later, they were still coming out with a fine dusting of rainbow sprinkles that sparkled in the light.

Whispers spread about what the manager had put in the bag, but only the foreman dared to try a peanut. As soon as the nut his his tongue, his face lit with delight. It was the best tasting peanut he had ever had. Soon, all the employees were eating peanuts and forgetting their troubles as they worked.

By morning the order had gone out and as the night shift was leaving the foreman tapped the manager on the arm and asked what was in the bag.

“Unicorn shit,” the manager said. “Friend has farm just outside of town. That crap lasts forever.”

The foreman decided it would be best to never tell his crew.

What Is My Brain Thinking!

Okay, misleading title, because even I don’t know what it’s thinking except that I do know, after posting nine times already today and it’s only four o’clock my time, I am getting into another productive mood. Which is good, because I am behind where I wanted to be with On a Leaf. On the down side my writing has many more mistakes in it because my freaking mind and fingers do not work well together at times like this. Maybe one day I’ll do a real stream of consciousness post and not fix the spelling….lol

Anyways, Michael over at Afterwards sat down and came up with 31 ideas or prompts for himself for January and challenged others to write a list as well. Whether I will use these as prompts or not, is still to be seen, but let’s see what my brain comes up with once I set it free. Enjoy!

  1. Dry roasted peanut factory ran out of seasoning.
  2. Santa got confused and thought today was Christmas.
  3. A French Bulldog and a French Hen fight over their owner.
  4. Two squirrels fall in love, but a third squirrel has larger nuts.
  5. A newly unsealed box of crackers is filled with unused condoms instead.
  6. A popcorn bag in the microwave starts screaming.
  7. An alien from the planet Flansewu wants to borrow a cup of flour.
  8. A pair of sweatpants and sweatbands revolt against their overweight owner.
  9. The ghost of a ghost writer wants to see his name in print finally.
  10. Death’s newspaper delivery boy goes on strike, so he doesn’t know who to expect and it causes a delay in processing the newly deceased.
  11. A nurse confuses the word deceased and decreased.
  12. A pinball machine is tired to getting shoved around so it decides to shove its players instead.
  13. A kid is locked in the arcade overnight and the games’ characters come alive.
  14. A girl’s doll comes alive and boy does she have some stories to tell.
  15. A computer is tired of the writer getting all the credit, so it decides to make a few changes to the manuscript.
  16. A new reporter’s teleprompter develops a mind of its own…and it’s in love with the reporter.
  17. A bat and a cactus fall in love.
  18. A soda can is filled with grape jelly.
  19. The stork delivers something other than a human baby.
  20. Bill wants to be a baby again and pays women to change his diaper…that is until he crosses paths with Madame *whatever*
  21. A slot machine in Vegas can read the mind of its player and decides who should win.
  22. A man goes to play craps, but he doesn’t know that the numbers on the table correspond with the number of people who die instantly every time he gambles.
  23. A cursed bible is bought at a yard sale.
  24. A ghost makes breakfast.
  25. House elves on strike.
  26. Teenager suddenly cleans up behind themselves.
  27. Anything a person eats suddenly goes to their hips…literally.
  28. A turtle tries to cross the trans-dimensional intergalactic highway.
  29. A book travels the world to find its reader.
  30. A glass decides what drink the person should really have.
  31. The tooth fairy and the sandman fight over control.

What would your prompts be?

One-a-Day Haiku, #1

This is a little challenge I just gave myself, because, well, as you all know I am not a poet by any means and I wanted to see what would happen if I spent a year working on it. I thought about the forms of poetry that I know, and, well, hats off to everyone who can hear the word stresses and all that nice fun stuff because I can’t. A word is a word is a word. So, for the sake of my sanity, I selected the haiku for this challenge. Now, counting syllables, I can do lol.


closing sleepy eyes
the awaking world renewed 
annual rebirth