Getting Forgetful

“Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Claus,” Larry yelled as he burst into Santa’s house.

Mrs. Claus dropped her dish towel and ran into the hallway. “Goodness Larry, calm down. You’re going to do yourself a mischief.”

Larry bent over and panted. “Santa…Santa…”

“Yes? Take a breath Larry. It can’t be that bad is it?”

Once he caught his breath, Larry looked Mrs. Claus dead in the eye and said, “Santa is confused. He thinks today’s Christmas. He’s in the workshop yelling at everyone about all the disappointed children.”

“Oh, pfft.” Mrs. Claus smiled and waved her hand. “He does that every year.”

“Yes, but…”

“But what? Larry just spit it out. He’s not going to fire anyone.”

“He’s getting more forgetful.”

Mrs. Claus laughed and nodded. “Oh, he is that, why just –“

She looked at Larry with raised eyebrows as she noticed Santa’s jacket hanging up behind him. “Larry?”


“Don’t tell me. He’s not…”

Larry nodded.

“He wouldn’t!”

“He did.”


Larry nodded.

Mrs. Claus grabbed Santa’s jacket and ran out the door toward the workshop with Larry trying to keep up.

She burst through the workshop door and screamed. “Oh, you are getting forgetful! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!”

This was inspired by my brain 🙂

Boot Jack Gap

His father always told him the story of his first season as a firefighter for the NPS. As Edward faced the firestorm racing his direction he couldn’t help hear his father’s words in his ears.

“Boot Jack Gap, boy. It saved my life and it’ll save yours.”

With fire raging on three sides of his team, Edward ordered everyone to the top of the hill. Wounded and fallen firefighters were carried on the backs of those able to run.

As they raced up the hill, a backup team crested. Father and son stood at the top of Boot Jack Gap and shook hands. Each knew the fear in the others’ eyes and neither needed to say good job.

This was inspired by Michael’s prompt – firestorm.

Enjoy this song that also helped shape the story: