“It’s the match of the century! The French Bulldog against the heavyweight champion the French Hen. Who ever wins this match gets a multi-million dollar contract. It’s about to get underway.

There’s the French Bulldog coming into the arena now. The fans are booing and throwing popcorn. He couldn’t have expected a different greeting after last week’s match. He’s lucky he’s not in jail after what he did to the Santa Fe Roadrunner.

The crowd’s going wild as the French Hen makes his way into the arena. I feel bad for all the short kids in the audience tonight.

What’s this? The French Bulldog didn’t wait for the champ to even make it into the ring. Oh my god! Someone stop him! He’s going to kill him!

I…I don’t believe it! What is going on down there? That can’t be happening. But it is. How? Why? This is remarkable. The crowd is silent. Oh good lord, parents cover your children’s eyes! No one needs to see that!

Folks listening in tonight be very thankful you cannot see what I am seeing. The crowd is booing and beginning to throw drinks and food at them. The French Hen and the French Bulldog just don’t seem to notice. Oh, get a room you two.

To all my listeners out there in WKRP land, I apologize for tonight’s match. Um, I’m going to assume that the French Bulldog is down for the count. I really don’t want to look. No one should see this, although if I know some of our audience you can catch this on YouTube in a few minutes. Good night, folks.”

This was inspired by Brain’s prompt #3


Forever Working

They looked at the wall and remembered the face of every man and boy whose hands cracked and bled in the winter to build it. The hedges and plants fed by those who were deemed unwanted. Though the gates and locks long since opened, forgotten souls continued their assigned job.

This 50-word short was inspired by the photo provided by the new co-host of 50-Word Thursday. Be sure to visit its new home at Tales from the Mind of Kristian.