JusJoJan #7

Today’s prompt for Linda’s January theme, memento, comes from Tara at Daisy Smiley Face.

The house is quiet and the kid is finally back at school where he belongs, the sun is out and it’s supposed to be 60 today. I don’t thing Kansas’ mother nature knows it’s the 2nd week in January.

When my son was younger, he liked to collect mementos from places we went. Before the computer and anime captured his soul, we would always go outside and do things. Okay, it wasn’t just the computer and anime, it’s also a combination of just growing up and now living in a small town with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no money to rent a car to go find something to do.

Oddly enough, even he wants to move to a smaller town lol. When there isn’t someone around causing grief, we are pretty laid back people. Sure, there are moments when we fight, who doesn’t fight their teenager from time to time, but in general, nothing riles us.

When I think of mementos, there are two kinds…the physical, tangible ones like photographs, t-shirts, mugs, and thimbles, just to name a few, and the personal, invisible ones. I prefer the ones I keep in my heart and my mind. I remember the excitement he had when we went to Olympia, Washington and Seattle. He was six and it seems like an eternity ago. He barely remembers any of it. I remember all the places I went in Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Those are the mementos that I cherish. Everything else could disappear one day.


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