Hocus & Pocus (book review)

Hocus & Pocus: The Legend of Grimm's Woods: The Comic Book You Can Play (Comic Quests 1) by [Manuro]

Hocus & Pocus: The Legend of Grimm’s Woods
Written by Manuro, illustrated by Gorobei
Quirk Books
Published 04 Sept 2018
ARC provided by NetGalley

Description (Amazon):

Cast spells, solve puzzles, rack up sparkling stars, and train your own magical pet in this graphic novel that you can play just like a role-playing game. Enter a world inspired by favorite fairy tales, complete with gingerbread houses and a girl dressed in red. Readers can play as Hocus (a boy) or Pocus (a girl), choose a magic animal companion, and enter a colorful forest of brain-teasing riddles, magical objects, and unusual characters. Each panel has multiple paths to follow, and a handy tracking sheet helps you keep track of your victories and hard-won possessions, bringing together the classic analog adventure of a tabletop game and the fresh format of a comic book for hours of replayable fun. Succeed or fail, it all depends on you!

My Review

The description sums up the book: it’s a choose your own adventure style graphic novel. I have loved choose your own adventure books since I was a kid, and this one reminds me of what would happen if you crossed a CYOA with Pokemon. At the start of every adventure, the reader can choose between Hocus or Pocus as their character.

Then they get to choose between a frog, a bird, and a turtle as their magical pet that will help them along the way. The “score sheets” for keeping track of whether your pet is awake or asleep, the food it eats, things you find along the way, and stars you earn on your adventure may be too much for younger (and older readers), but the book can easily be adapted to enjoy as an adventure story anyways.

Come on, you know kids may play through it the “right” way once, but I can’t be the only one who started flipping through CYOA books just to see all the different ways it could end.

Overall, the book was a lot of fun, and is part of a series, which is even better. Fans of CYOA, graphic novels, young and old, will enjoy this book.

Overall rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “Hocus & Pocus (book review)

  1. Wow, l never knew this style of book even existed. It reminds me a lot of the film Big with Tom Hanks and his idea of that book, l think that must have been a CTOA 🙂

    Nice review, l admire that you can do reviews, l always flounder.

    Liked by 1 person

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