Lost Time

I have been very neglectful lately, so I am going to get caught up on a few things tonight. One of those things is Michael’s prompts. These are the one’s I have missed: “once upon a never”, “twice shy”, “turbulence”, “tears of night”, and “Wednesday.” Hmm…let’s see what I can accomplish in just 100 words 🙂

The turbulence was awful. Even the attendants were nervous. Jenny held tight to her Daddy and squeezed his hand with her eyes closed.

“Jenny,” he said quietly. “Open your eyes.”

She was back in her bed, warm and safe. Her dad smiled and opened a story book. “Once upon a never, a little girl danced while Once Bitten, Twice Shy played on the radio. Her mother was in the kitchen making their favorite Wednesday meal…”

Tears of Night played quietly while the priest read the names of those lost on Flight 27. Amy cried for her lost husband and daughter.


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