Echoed Resolve

Remember, we’re in this together.
Everyone has to stay the course.
Monumental changes are coming.
Only the strong and devoted will survive.
Right now our enemies are ignorant.
Selling their souls on blind faith.
Eternal feedback loop.

This was inspired by and written for FOWC – remorse


The Recipe Box

Lacy ran her fingers over the small, well-worn wooden box with a hand-carved rooster on it and sighed. Finally owning it was a bittersweet moment. She opened the box and wiped a tear from her eye as her Grandmother’s handwriting greeted her. Apple pie and peach cobbler, pot roast and her famous Thanksgiving turkey; generations of living, learning, experimenting, and sharing filled the small box. Now she understood why her grandmother said that lives could be enriched through food. Memories of one passed to another; the past and the future captured on a single notecard filled in with love.

Last Orders

Gary walked into the kitchen shaking his head.

“What’s up?”

“You’ll never guess their last orders.”

Jake looked over the hopper. “Can’t be any worse than that one guy last year. You remember, that science guy.”

Gary leaned against the metal table and thought. “Oh, yeah,” he grinned and looked at the paper in his hand. “Yeah, this is worse.”

Jake took the order and read it. Gary chuckled. Without saying a word, Jake pressed a button on the intercom and called for the Major.

“Well! What was so important that I had to come down here?”

Jake handed the Major the order. “Their last orders. What do we do?”

The Major scratched his chins and looked at the cooks. After a few moments, he sighed and shrugged. “Our laws are clear. They are entitled to a last order that must be fulfilled.” He pushed the intercom and ordered the ship to reverse course. “This better not get out. How many more are there?”

Gary flipped through his record book and said, “twenty-two thousand, Sir.”

The Major grumbled as he left the kitchen.

Jake and Gary sighed. “Would you have ever thought to do that?”

Gary shook his head. “Nope.”

Jake nodded. “Me either.”

“It’s pretty sad when humans turn out to be smarter than we are,” Gary said. “Wanna bet they’re all going to say their last order is to go home now?”

Jake laughed and returned to his meatloaf.

This was inspired by Michael’s prompt – Last Order